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The corona virus pandemic has left a deep remark and has quite a changed the outlook we understand and will further acknowledge to. About 100 to 120 million blue-collar jobs, accounting for over 70-80% of the industry, have gone without income in the past month due to the nationwide lockdown imposed in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, staffing agencies and businesses. Experts say the covid-19 crisis has impacted close to 60% of the total contractual workforce in India, across segments telecom, retail, real estate, electronics manufacturing, and hospitality.

Travel, hospitality, tourism, aviation, retail, outdoor entertainment, food and beverages and the real estate sectors have been hit the most, staffing agency TeamLease said.

In addition, automotive, non-essential fast-moving consumer goods, poultry, dairy, shipping and construction will also feel the impact in the short- to medium term

The norm of social distancing, and other aspects has also made some jobs scarce as people fear interacting and socialising.

Now when it comes to white collar jobs, the interaction does seem to be a bit hindered but, many professionals have switched to working at homes, blue collar jobs, a deep sense of gratitude to the technological advancements and high octane internet connectivity.

But we must keep into respect the “blue- collar” jobs which tend to be more interactive and requires physical involvement with technology.

blue collar jobs

Some of the Blue collar jobs which certainly does not need much intellectual and sort of little technical skill, that can help people sustain a living are mentioned below.

Financial Systems optimiser and handler

The World Economic Forum’s Platform for Shaping the Future of Financial and Monetary Systems will continue to convene meetings of the Financial Services COVID-19 Response Network to discuss practitioners’ perspectives on emerging financial stability risks, the evolving public policy response and long-term challenges for the financial system. And thus optimisers and handlers will get a platform showcasing their work ethics.

Computer testing

Covid enables us to develop and enhance our work ideals but There is often concern about accuracy, validity, security, integrity, and quality of online assessment. Yet, computer-based testing offers so many benefits to online learners, instructors, and programs, mainly in terms of administration, grading, and scale that they deserve a much closer look.Learners can take multiple, short, reliable assessments administered throughout the life of an e-learning program.

Auto mechanic

Employment of automotive service technicians and mechanics is projected to show little or no change from 2018 to 2028. Job opportunities for qualified jobseekers should be very good.There is no requirements for any specific skills and thus it helps in sustainability. Employment prospects for auto mechanics rose strongly over the past five years and growth is expected to be above average up to 2022.

Telecommunication operator

In the last two decades, Telecommunication has emerged as a key driver of economic and social development in an increasingly knowledge intensive global scenario.Telecommunications can affect sustainability as a result of the complex, indirect effects that changes in telecommunications systems have on mobility, land use, locational decisions and energy consumption.

Data handling and software

Blue collar jobs

Many companies need people to transcribe notes from meetings, add raw data into databases and add sales figures into electronic formats multiple times during the course of a business day.As a remote worker in the data entry industry, you can choose the location in which you carry out your job responsibilities and this could give you the opportunity to earn some extra money while you work as a full-time employee in a different industry or pursue an academic degree.

Medical equipment manufacturing

As of early May 2020, over 4.7 million people have been confirmed to be infected by covid -19. Countries has ramped up production of Covid-19 protective gears and medical equipment, giving a boost to its fight against novel coronavirus and reducing dependency on foreign countries for these items which are in high demand globally due to the pandemic. This as an opportunity to create supply chains and manufacturing units by helping existing producers to expand, and identify new manufacturers.

E – commerce Trouble shooting

Blue Collar Jobs

There are a few interesting themes emerging across major ecommerce markets globally in response to the pandemic, which possibly represent what the new normal could look like. While the sudden surge in consumer demand for e-commerce services could be due to the implementation of social distancing norms and lockdown measures countries have taken to contain the pandemic, these new norms are finding increasing acceptance amongst consumers and adoption by traditional businesses.

Network Automation Development

While designing and implementing infrastructure will always be important, software and automation skills are becoming even more in-demand as customers digitally transform their organizations and are looking for next-level services and solutions,Companies that embrace automation will create room for the creation of new IT job tasks, like that of a network automation developer, instead of a network operator or architect.


During the COVID-19 crisis, start-ups have continued to play a critical role for economies. Some innovative young firms have reacted fast and flexibly to the pandemic, and have been critical in helping many countries shift towards fully digital work, education, and health services, and have provided innovations in medical goods and services.In fact, even as the number of new business registrations generally drops during recessions, many successful innovative start-ups or businesses have emerged from periods of crisis.Today, that could mean innovations in tele-medicine, remote personal care, medical equipment, home delivery, food processing, teleworking, online education, contact tracing.

IT Sales/Marketing Evolution

Account executives aren’t traveling to offices right now for meetings. And with the rise in working from home on a more permanent basis employees of these sector are getting advanced with time and thus the marketing of IT products and services will need to be transformed

Right now, many sales and marketing pros are getting creative with remote collaboration and videoconferencing tools to reach potential buyers and conduct offsite meetings. They are able to introduce some digital transformation.

blue collar jobs

And thus, Machinist Chris Katilius explained the importance of the blue collar workers during this pandemic.

“We’re essential in supplying other essential businesses with what they need such as parts for ventilators and whatever parts they need,” he said. “It’s not like they can just go to Amazon and order them. If they have any emergency, they can bring the parts to us and we get it done for them the best and most efficient way we can.”

His words leave a dark imprint in our thoughts and belief.

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