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10 examples of body shaming


Body shaming isn’t in every case offering a mean remark about somebody’s appearance. Rather, it can show up in tricky remarks that upkeep business as usual and cause others to feel terrible. 
Here are a few examples of body shaming:

You seem as though you’ve put on weight in quite a few spots

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Like the remark above, remarking on somebody’s weight reduction or weight gain is never a decent move — regardless of whether it feels good. Body weight vacillations ought to be treated as nonpartisan events and certainly shouldn’t be attached to somebody’s appearance or worth. 

I have to quit eating to such an extent

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Like the remark above, offering adverse remarks about your eating examples can be harming to individuals around you and their self-observation. Food is something we as a whole need to endure — it’s not something that must be gained or ought to be restricted for the wellbeing of limiting. Making your demonstration of eating sound like a terrible thing executes this thought that tuning in to our bodies or eating what we need is an awful thing since it could prompt weight gain. It might make others feel terrible about their eating designs. 

Have you shed pounds? You look extraordinary!

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While this remark may appear to be positive, likening being more slender with being better looking is harming not exclusively to the individual you’re addressing, however to every individual who hears. 

I feel so fat today

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Remarking on your weight can be similarly as hurtful as remarking on somebody else’s. We as a whole have days where we figure we don’t look great, yet utilizing “fat” as a contrary rather than an entirely ordinary marker of weight executes the possibility that conveying weight is terrible and can be harming to individuals around you. 

You’re so fortunate you can simply eat and eat

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Telling a slight individual they’re fortunate they can eat without putting on weight may appear to be a commendation, however, it’s most certainly not. To begin with, on an individual level, you have no clue about how that individual feels about their digestion or body size. They might be discontent with their body, they might be experiencing an undetectable sickness or they might be content with their body yet hesitant about their eating designs. On a more significant level, you are proposing eating is something that ought to be done as per its amount should be possible while pursuing the thin ideal, which executes unfortunate food fantasies and could be harming to every individual who hears you. 

That style looks so great on ladies your shape

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While this remark appears to be a commendation, comparing somebody’s body shape with how they should dress isn’t reasonable. Everything styles can look great on all assortments of body shapes. Nobody should feel disheartened from wearing a piece of clothing since they think it looks great on one body yet not another — particularly when we’ve all been customized to think all styles look great on slim ladies and the remainder of the populace should attempt to shroud their bodies. 

You look so thin in that! You need to get it!

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Remarking on how a piece of clothing makes somebody’s body look is generally not a smart thought, particularly on the off chance that you will utilize prescriptive words about their shape like “thin” or “fat.” Skinny and fat ought to be nonpartisan terms that portray body weight estimations, not negative or positive terms that depict how much somebody should purchase a dress or shirt. 

A young lady my size would never wear something to that effect

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Tragically, we’ve been policed into intuition there are sure things we can and can’t wear dependent on our body size. Strengthening that harmful conviction, in any event, when focused on yourself, enables other ladies to think it’s OK for them to think, as well. 

You’re so persuasive for attempting that look

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Telling somebody they’re “valiant” or “helpful” for wearing a specific style at their body size is completely an underhanded commendation. It shouldn’t be considered “gallant” to dress your body and like what it looks like in an outfit. Individuals ought to be permitted to wear anything they desire and exist without remark. An individual putting on an outfit you consider “courageous” ought to be viewed as what it may be: An individual, with a body that is as commendable as different bodies, getting into garments, and living as every other person does. 

You realize what they state: Real ladies have curves

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Likening a specific body size to womanhood doesn’t simply help in demolishing other ladies’ confidence dependent on their extents: It’s likewise transphobic to propose a specific body introduction has anything to do with sex.


Nearly everybody has felt body-shamed at some point. Since we experience a daily reality such that takes a ton of confidence in outer appearances — and particularly in slimness — body shaming can once in a while be completed from a benevolent spot.

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