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10 Highest Paying Entry-level Tech Jobs

If you are interested in jobs in the tech industry, now, it could be a great opportunity to jump in. According to the data retrieved from the job platform in 2019 tech industry is considered to have a great job opportunity as their millions of tech gigs open in the United States.

Not only that, but the open positions are also mainly for non-tech roles. So, it would be a great opportunity for one if you are just entering the job market or looking to make a change in your career perspective. So here are the top 10 highest paying entry-level tech jobs.

Data Scientist]

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Data science is an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to exact knowledge and insights from many structural and unstructured data. It is mainly related to machine learning, data mining, etc. Data science is a method to analyze and understand actual phenomena with data. It uses techniques from many fields like Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science, domain knowledge, and information science. There are several techniques and languages involved in Data Science such as Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Clustering, Python, Julia, etc.

Average salary of Data Scientist-$113,254

Product Manager

A Product Manager is a professional that performs and is responsible for the development of products for organizations. Product Managers are the persons who own the strategy behind any production. they are the one who specifies its functional requirements and manages its launch of features. They even coordinate with the work done by other professionals such as software engineers, data scientists, and product designers. therefore, they are responsible for the business success of the product. Product Managers consider several factors before they launch a product, These factors include the intended customer, the products offered by the competitors, and how well the products fit to the company’s business model.

Average Salary of product manager is $106,127


The developer refers to the one who involves himself from developing computer software, develop different applications for android, etc. Developers are considered to be the most highly sought after tech professionals in the workforce with increased demands and talent shortages leading to increased salaries. Every company has become a tech company, so therefore the demand for front end developers, full-stack developers, mobile developers, and back end developers increases. Developers are the one who builds the app for mobile devices including ios and android, has knowledge about software development, builds websites by converting data to a graphical interface and builds the functionality and interactivity of the website.

Average salary of developer is$100,610

Mobile Developer

tech jobs

Mobile Developers is a type of software developer. They specialize in Mobile Technology such as building apps for Google Android, Apple, and Microsoft Windows phone platforms. Mobile developers earn the programming languages and Software Development environment.

Average salary of Mobile Developer is $98,317

Sales Engineer

Sales engineer involves sales as well as engineering that exists in industrial and commercial markets. A sales Engineer is the salesperson that can understand and can apply engineering and an engineer that understands to sell engineered systems. Thus, they not only sell but provide their customers with advice and support. Therefore they work for manufacturer, distributor, or for engineering consultancy or company. Sales engineers must build ad expertise in presentation skills, building customer relationships, developing engaging strategy as well as understanding the targeted industry.

Average salary of Sales Engineer is $90,575

DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineer is the one who understands the software development lifecycle and has the outright understanding of various automation tools for developing digital pipelines. DevOps is a software development strategy that bridges the gap between developers and IT staff. With DevOps, organizations can release small features very quickly and incorporate the feedback which they receive.

Average salary for DevOps Engineer is $89,300

User Experience Designer

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User Experience Designer is a process of supporting user behavior though usability, usefulness and desirability provided in the interaction with the product. It encompasses the traditional human-computer design and extends by addressing all aspects of products and services. Experience design is the practice of designing products, services, events with the focus placed on the quality of user experience.

Average salary of User Experience Designer is $84,841

Sales Representatives

Sales representatives are the one who sells products and services using solid arguments to prospective customers. They provide cost-benefit and need analysis as well as potential customers to meet their needs. They develop and maintain positive business and customer relationships. They achieve the sales target and outcomes within the schedule and provide market potential, track sales, and status reports.

Average salary of Sale Representative is $70,622

Marketing Manager

tech jobs

The marketing manager is the one who manages the marketing of a business or product. A marketing manager should possess generous, outgoing, and should have a spontaneous nature. in addition to these, they should be highly oriented and focused and should be very conscientious of budget restraints and timelines. They have got a wide range of responsibilities such as estimates and budgets for marketing campaigns, involved in negotiations, preparing sales, advertising, etc

Average salary of Marketing Manager is $70,622

QA Analyst

Quality Assurance Analyst is responsible for the final step in the development of a game, website, or software product before its release in the public domain. They test to make sure they are reliable, fully functional, and user friendly. They use a test plan to inspect and make sure they are error-free. They look for flaws and weaknesses of the program and report it to developers. nevertheless, they ensure that the software is right for the market in which it released.

Average salary of QA Analyst is $ 70,383

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