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10 Important Tips for BBA students

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a three-year undergraduate degree program for students who want to pursue their management career after completing their Class 12th. The course provides understanding related to the administration of business and managing business
operations. Students from all three streams, namely Science, Arts, and Commerce, can pursue BBA. It prepares students for management and entrepreneurship roles. Getting into the right business college of your choice is just the beginning of your (BBA) management career. There are uncountable challenges you will have to face throughout this journey. Here are ten tips that will help BBA students benefit during the three years to give them an extra edge over other students.


Make Your Basic Concepts clear

There are myriad students who pass-out with a degree in management every year, but only a few understand management knowledge. To get a job, it is essential to make your basic concepts of finance and accounting clear. This will undoubtedly give you an upper-hand over your fellow

Read As Much As You Can

Speaking confidently is perhaps the most crucial skill for a management graduate. A person’s thoughts are of no use if s/he cannot put them across with confidence with the help of the right words. Taking part in literary events like debates enables you to think diligently and also boosts
your confidence
. Even reading newspapers, novels, autobiographies of successful businessmen, and business magazines regularly can also help you grow your reading skills. This will also broaden up your horizon of knowledge.

Organize and Participate in Events

Events will provide you exposure to communicate directly with people that, in turn, will boost your confidence. Organizing an event also invokes a sense of leadership and responsibility. Such platforms provide opportunities to work and improve management skills. Again doing so shall
improve your group dynamics, which forms the basis of working in a corporate and will definitely brush up your communication skills

Work As An Intern 

Internships are a lot similar to jobs. You work in a team and finish assigned tasks within the deadline. They give you the right exposure to real-world problems and make you job-ready. An internship or two never goes unnoticed when applying for a job as an experienced is always preferred over a naive. 

BBA students

Network With People

Strong contacts definitely have many advantages as networking with people will be a central aspect of your management career. Having a good network generally opens up new paths for you. 

Develop Your Personality

A good CV is not the only requirement of a decent job. But a good personality can. Mostly, management jobs require one to be presentable. So focus on yourself and become a better person. Start improving your personality, sooner, the better. 

Make Time For Your Hobbies 

Remember the famous saying? All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Follow your passions. Whether it is traveling, painting, singing, dancing, photography, or writing. Just go on, spend some time with yourself, and follow your passion. These passions bring out a new you.

BBA students

Always plan for Long-term Goals. 

By taking the time to identify your long-term aspirations, you improve your probability of success in due course of time. For this, you should start by focusing on short-term opportunities that do matter. Pen down your goals, revisit them often, and make it your mantra. Whenever you feel distracted, remind yourself of the goals you had jotted down for yourself, and doing so
would undoubtedly pay off. Always try to remind yourself of the reasons you decided to start something.

Learn to Take Risks 

anything that is outside your comfort zone is a risk. Start taking those risks as soon as possible. Attend meetings you never considered joining, introduce yourself to people who may be diametrically opposite to you. Push your boundaries as they can serve several purposes, academically or otherwise. By doing so, you will be exposed to new ideas and ways of thinking.

Be Yourself 

The best advice a student may receive would be that you will be exposed to a totally new environment with all new people during the program and some exciting opportunities in between. However, don’t indulge in comparing yourselves too much with others and doing things that may not actually interest you or support your goals. Remember that each person has their own journey and are unique in their own ways. Always make sure you are authentic to yourself. 

BBA students

Skills Required

  • Communication, 
  • decision-making,
  •  leadership, 
  • teamwork, 
  • motivation,
  • active listening, 
  • critical analysis, 
  • work ethics,
  • flexibility, 
  • the delegation
  • negotiating,
  • influencing,
  • trust-building,
  • management of time
  • current affair awareness, 
  • critical thinking  
  • problem-solving

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