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10 Inspiring Movies for 9th students

“Sometimes it is the people no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine.”- Joan Clarke. Movies or films are a visual art of learning, understanding which plays an important role in today’s generation. Movies help fascinate and stimulate different perspectives, ideas, and stories as well as create a great imaginary evocation in children. Students react well to watching movies rather than reading. Movies are a great source of learning for students who are visual learners. So, there is 10 movie recommendation that is really very inspiring and they should be on your must-watch list of 9th students.

movies for 9th

I Am Kalam- (2011)

This movie is about a penurious little boy who, since a very young age admired the former President of India, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, and wandered about the fact if he could ever meet his mentor in real life or could he ever follow his footsteps. This movie shows his journey, shows how he takes extreme measures to study and educate himself even though he lacked the resources, shows the lack of opportunity and education that holds the child back from achieving his greatest desires of learning. The movie also teaches us how friendship has no age and how true friendship as well as, support of a friend works and molds us for real life. This movie recommendation is really very inspiring and they should be on your must-watch list of 9th students.

Dreamer: Inspired by True Story-(2005)

This inspiring movie is full of love, warmth, family, and a little pinch of greed, which in fact shows us the reality of life. Shows us how to fight and overcome greed. Teaches us how family bonds are more important than any career. This story depicts the journey of a father, daughter, and a horse, they show the love they have for an injured horse and how the little girl nurtures him with all pure intentions. The horse, in turn, cures the strained relationship between a father and the daughter.

The Karate Kid- (2010)

This is a story of a young boy whose life turns upside down when he has to move to Beijing, China all of a sudden from Chicago. The movie follows the journey of the kid, who fights bully, learns to acclaim the true essence of martial arts, and learns to respect his teacher who believed in him. The story teaches us how easily kids get bullied and how a teacher teaching differs from their attitudes and beliefs, the two boys were taught the same type of martial arts yet different. The Social Network- (2010)

This story and movie had been dedicated to none other than the founder of FacebookMark Zuckerberg. The movie spells out all the problems that Mark Zuckerberg had gone through, how he maintained his friendships, college struggles, and faced all the problems with strides and got over them.

inspiring movies

Life of Pi- (2012)

The Life of Pi is based on the novel, an Oscar-winning film Life of Pi is an amazing, most fascinating as well as imaginative film which teaches children a world of fantasy and imagination. The novel and film help build confidence in students to motivate them to write down their imagination and work on it. This movie recommendation is really very inspiring and they should be on your must-watch list of 9th students.

The Ron Clark Story- (2006)

This story is based on a teacher who was an excellent teacher working a job that was perfectly fitted for him but decides to open his choices and use his talent in a different school where the help is very much needed. Soon, he realizes that his work ways have to change as the students he is teaching are no ordinary students. The fun, loving and a bit struggling journey of Ron Clark gets intriguing by minutes.

Little Miss Sunshine- (2006)

Little Miss Sunshine is a story filled with humor and family struggles. This story’s family may seem to have regular problems like any other family. But a family road trip is all it takes to understand the deep unresolved issue that the family really needed to solve long back.

inspiring movies for 9th

The Blind Side- (2009)

This is a novel based movie, about an African- American boy with no parents living foster homes. This story teaches us how we should not judge a person without knowing them on the basis of their color, on the basis of their living situation or family background. This story is a slight tear-jerker yet has a hint of humor in it.

The Pursuit of Happiness- (2006)

The Pursuit of Happiness is an amazing yet struggling story between a father and son. The pursuit of happiness shows that to be happy you don’t extravagant things. Being happy with whatever you have is one of the purest forms of satisfaction you get, and your patience will be rewarded. This movie recommendation is really very inspiring and they should be on your must-watch list of 9th students.

Pay it forward- (2000)

This movie doesn’t own you any favors. Simplest message is paid forward in this movie, an idea which changes everything for the better for everyone around you and yourself. A simple chain reaction that never worked for positive influence is being performed by a little boy.

inspiring movies for 9th

The Breakfast Club- (1985)

One of the most iconic movies of its time, this movie changes the so-called “Status Quo.” The typical name is given like- ‘Jocks’, ‘Nerds’, ‘Goths’, ‘Delinquent’s.’ All these terms are tarnished as 5 people from these differences come together through detention. The awe-inspiring story for friendship and a bit of drama.

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