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10 Reasons for Working Professionals to Work at Infosys.

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We know that Infosys is a global technology services firm founded by N. R Narayana Murthy that defines design and delivers information technology-enabled business solutions to its clients. INFOSYS has almost around 242K+ employees and is one of the top leading IT company and is the most preferred choice of working professional. Infosys is one of the top IT companies is always concerned about their potential employees. 

The main reason why most working professionals choose this company is because of its organisational culture. It is not wrong to say that every working professional aspires to work in a dream company like Infosys. 

So, let’s see what are the top 10 reasons why a working professional choose to work at Infosys :

Get to work with new technologies

New Technologies

INFOSYS is a reputed and top most company with best technologies. Freshers or any working professional would like to cope up with the new and updated technologies related work rather than an old and un updated one. Infosys always helps its clients and working men to stay updated and keep up the game ahead. 

Trained by harvard

Trained By Harvard

You will never get to stop learning at a company like Infosys. As Infosys always  focuses on employees growth you will get to be trained by harvard. There is a continuous evolving and learning process happening at Infosys. Harvard University bought more shares in Infosys Technologies Ltd, India’s second-biggest computer-services exporter, making it the largest overseas equity holding in a $4.22 billion fund. 

Feel like an entrepreneur

Feel Like An Entrepreneur

A spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship is what Infosys likes to focus at. Working at Infosys feels more like an entrepreneur. In Infosys each and every working professional is trained to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, where in you get to learn more, start handling more responsibilities and start finding solid  solutions. The Infosys culture helps build all its working people this nature which naturally attracts other working professionals to their side. 

Discover yourself

Discover Yourself

At Infosys you will discover more of your talents and do well for sure. Infosys gets in people from various backgrounds like different in passions, interests, ethnicities, and beliefs where in you get to meet different cultures under one large roof and when you are exposed to such  people at a working place like this you will start knowing about all your strengths, weaknesses, capacities, adaptabilities and much more. 

Good salaries for freshers

Good Salaries For Freshers (2)

Salary like in all other companies depend on the position you join to. When you join as a fresher you get almost 15 to 30 K max which is quite good for any working professional. As and when there is progression in your career you will get the expected salary with full benefits. For short term projects as well there is a good pay based on the performances says the review of working professionals at Infosys. 

Play while work 

Play While Work

INFOSYS is such a huge company with lots of pressure on it from all over due to its demand in such a situation how is Infosys going to keep its working professionals happy, motivated at work? 

Here is how, the huge campus of Infosys is equipped with 36 food courts, 23 gyms, 16 libraries, 16 shopping centres,11 swimming pools, 8 cricket pitches, 3 bowling alleys and still counting all over India. These extra curriculars will make one feel relaxed and stay motivated all times.

Job satisfaction 

Job Satisfaction

Infosys takes a good career of it employees and moreover the work culture is both collaborative and motivating, also there is good focus on work-life balance initiatives. For any working professional work life balance is very much important. A company like Infosys stresses on this point and grabs more employees interest. 

Good transport system

Good Transport System

There is a very good and managed bus transport system. They cover almost all the routes and areas. For the people with difficulty in travelling who have come from a different state and have no vehicle there take care of this too. Even bicycles are available for transiting inside the campus. There is also on demand  cab service for late night travels. A travel desk is also available inside the campus for out station official purpose travel. 

Frequent camps and initiatives

Frequent Camps And Initiatives

There will be regular health check ups, blood donation camps. Infosys is also running a corporate social responsibility initiative. The pointed to be noted is, the company is not just busy in taking up work and making money mindset but is aiming at taking care of its employees at more personal level and also at distributing its wealth for society. 



On hearing the word Infosys itself people around you become alert and they start looking at you with great interest and attention such is the power of the company. Any working professional would aspire to work in company like Infosys which has huge reputation not only in India also in abroad. 50% of the employees have already stated that they are proud to be working in a company like Infosys all these drive other working professionals to join in Infosys. 


On the whole anybody and everybody wishes to work at a reputed company. As reputed and top IT companies will play a major role in career growth of a working professional. When a company like Infosys has so many advantages and benefits who would not think of joining such a high profile IT company right? 

So these were the top 10 reasons why working professional opt for Infosys to work. 

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