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10 Steps to prepare yourself for MBBS Exams

MBBS is an undergraduate course for the people who want to become a doctor. It is one of the professional degree which makes a person qualified to become a doctor. MBBS is a 5.5 year (4.5 years of academic education + 1-year mandatory internship) UG degree programme which leads to two degrees as Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. There many subjects in MBBS Course like Anatomy, Pathology, Dermatology etc., which are the basics required to become a doctor prepare you for MBBS exam. There are many types of doctors like Cardiologist(for heart), Pulmonologist(for lungs), Endocrinologists(who specialize in glands and the hormones) etc., You can become any of the doctors you desire by taking the MBBS Course. (Though MBBS is pure Allopathy there are other fields like Homoeopathy, Ayurvedic etc.,) But we will talk purely on MBBS. To pursue MBBS you have to join Colleges/Universities which offer MBBS Programme. To get into those colleges/Universities, you have to give an exam called NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Testin India (currently only NEET is accepted, there are no other exams) and not just to qualify in it but also get a least All India Rank according to the category. There are both Private and Government Colleges for MBBS Course where you can prepare yourself for the MBBS exam. Many Private Colleges demand a lot of money but Government colleges like AIIMS demand less money. Please go through those details by web-surfing. If you choose Bi.P.C, apart from MBBS, you either have to go with other courses like BDS, Homeopathy, Ayurvedic, Biotechnology etc., or else go with normal UG courses.

Let’s discuss s ome of the steps to get prepared for MBBS Exams (These tips are not only helpful when you start your course but helpful also a few weeks before the exams).

MBBS exam

Join a good Training centre or College

I considered this as my first point and want to emphasize more on the first points as almost every student cannot go for self-study unless they have an expert like a qualified doctor etc., at their home. So, first do a good research on the various colleges, institutes which are specialized to prepare you for MBBS exam training. Try to join an institute/College which has a track record of students who cracked the MBBS exam with good scores. Ask the qualification of the teachers/trainers at that place. I know there are institutes/colleges which demand a high amount of money, if they have a good track record and there are people who cannot afford that cost. But what I want to tell you is, if you choose to become a doctor and are about to write NEET(MBBS entrance exam), you are in a do or die situation. (There are thousands of many Engineering Colleges in India which at least gives a B.Tech Certificate(which is unworth for 70% of B.Tech passed out students)).  Try to afford as much money as you can and join only the best college/institute.

My advice is to try to join a college which gives both Board (Class 11 and 12(Intermediate) )exam and NEET exam training which saves you a lot of money rather taking separate classes for Board and NEET exam. Else try to join a normal college with less fee which is registered under the Government that provides faculty only for Board exam preparation and give you a hall ticket for your Board exam. Then, you can afford more amount on the MBBS specialized training institutes where you can prepare yourself for the MBBS exam.

Plan your Syllabus

The first and the foremost thing required to complete any type of task of any kind is planning the work. The NCERT syllabus is followed for NEET which includes Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Plan your work if you started/about to start the course. A high score in the exams cannot be achieved by studying the entire syllabus without prior study or knowledge in a few weeks and it is not possible to complete the entire syllabus in a month from the start without knowing anything (there is an extremely low number of students of this kind). First Plan your syllabus. Considering the first point, if you have joined a perfect college/institute, just follow the pace of the lecturer. Never miss a single class if you’ve joined any specialized course like these at any time in your life. Never neglect the things which are to be taken seriously. Try to complete the syllabus 3-4 months prior to the final exams so that you can have plenty of time to revise and practice the syllabus. Even you will not feel pressure to prepare yourself for MBBS board exams.  So, plan your work according to the tests conducted by your college.

Organize the Syllabus

Considering 1 and 2 points, first plan your syllabus and the work according to it.  As the syllabus includes Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Most of the students cannot understand Physics and are unable to solve the problems in them. Though the difficulty level is not that high for Bi.P.C(P.C.B) students in Physics but students face difficulties in solving them. I think every student does well with the Biology part. Your NCERT book syllabus is enough to get a good score. Coming to Chemistry, you have three parts in it. They are Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry respectively. It is unlike B.Tech entrance exams where scoring 50% of the marks will land you in a good college where you can neglect any part like Physics or Chemistry and get higher score in other sections. Though the difficulty level is not high for Medicine students, you have to work hard and score a high score in the exams. It is better to follow the pace of the lecturer and prepare accordingly for Chemistry subject as it involves a lot of things to remember in Inorganic Chemistry and Organic too(to some extent). Physical Chemistry involves problems and many equations to learn.

So, my advice is, finish the Biology part sooner with perfection. Take time for Physics and its problems. Next, take time for Organic Chemistry and the next priority is Physical Chemistry. Last but not the least, go with Inorganic Chemistry. The above advice is even helpful if you are going to revise the entire syllabus in 3 months before the exam. Therefore organize the work, plan the work and work your plan according to the time.

MBBS exam

Refer other books

I’ve seen many people saying NCERT books are enough to get a good score in NEET exam and I too will accept that statement. Though the syllabus covered is enough to get a good score, it is better to have another source of knowledge to make you wiser. The syllabus of NCERT is considered for NEET exams but the content you learn matters. You’ll get a high-standard knowledge and deeper understanding of the subject if you refer standard books besides your college lectures and NCERT content. For example, DC Pandey for Physics is one of the standard books. Arihant, O.P Tandon etc., for Chemistry. If you refer these books you’ll not only score good marks but also get a high amount of knowledge and this is how you have to work when you join any UG course after qualifying NEET. It is better to know how to refer to various books and study from them. I know it is difficult to study your college books, your class notes, other books with NCERT books. But it is better to have a standard reference book for every subject.

Refer online Content

I think everybody nowadays have smartphones in their houses. Many of the houses have Laptops, Desktops etc., I think many of the colleges have AV’s to explain something. You are not lacked any of the sources of knowledge. There are many YouTube lectures available online, many blogs, especially for NEET. There are many online courses available as per the requirement in less price. There are online lecturers in online portals like  UrbanPro, Vedantu etc., to get what you want. You are not lacking of any resource of knowledge. You have to make use of everything you have.

Improve your performance

Yes, always try to give your best in the weekly tests which your college conducts. If you are at the start of the preparation, try to follow the lectures from day 1 and learn the concepts thoroughly. After learning, solve as many problems as possible. Do more exercises and become very perfect in those concepts. Give your best in the test conducted by your college and try to score maximum marks in it. If you start doing this from the start, you’ll continue to study like this throughout the preparation time. You’ll learn how to plan the work, organize the work and increase your performance.  You’ll learn a lot from your mistakes and never repeat them in your life and grow higher daily.

prepare yourself for MBBS exam

Try to study Smartly

When you are at the end of the preparation course, you might feel some of the chapters/lessons a bit hard. You might have less concentrated on some of the topics, concepts. If you have enough time to learn and become perfect in those topics, then do it. If you have just a month or less left, try to less concentrate on the topics which you’ve not covered. You can learn not greater than 2-3 new concepts from Inorganic Chemistry if you have just a month left if you consider Physics, The Chapters “Sound” and “Modern Physics” are a little easier. Not more than 2 new Concepts to be learnt if you have at least 45 days. Just revise whatever concepts you have learnt till now and practised. Coming to other topics which you’ve less concentrated, you either just go with the formulas and its concepts or in worst case ignore if you left 1 or 2 chapters in prior.

Just go through the previous papers and analyse the question patterns. If you think the left chapters were important, try to spend some time and complete them. You should have at least 30 days left to re-practice everything. You should not feel pressure at the last moment i.e there should be no last moment hurry.  In these last days, purchase books like ” How to crack NEET in 2 months”, or any time like 45 days, 1 month etc., available in the market or refer tips from online blogs, videos etc.,

Practice Model Papers

This is also one of the key points to ponder. There are many model papers and previous year papers available online. Practice as many as possible in the meantime. Try to practice model papers which are a bit harder than the previously asked questions. Just refer to the previous papers and analyse the question patterns. Check the important concepts which are repeated many times in those papers. There is no problem if you spend some money for model papers at the online portals. Considering point 7 and point 5, practice only model papers in those 30 days. As the weekly tests which you have given till now were only concept/chapter wise, this is the test which has all concepts covered which are the final exam model. You will also know how to solve these questions according to the time, like you may take more time for Physics and Physical Chemistry as it has problems to solve. In Physics, Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Optics may take more time. In Chemistry, Kinetics, Equilibrium concepts will take some time to solve.  You will have to know how to solve the final paper and manage the time well to complete the entire paper in time.

That is the reason, you should have at least 30 days to practice to get habituated to the final exam pattern.

Try to be cool and be healthy

The final exam pressure will be common for everyone who gives the exam. Just try to be cool and follow some tips to handle pressure online like doing Meditation, Yoga. Try not to consume road-side foods especially the oil foods. Consume only homemade healthy foods like Vegetables. Try not to eat Non-veg during that month. Consume juices, eat curd rice for sure. Avoid annoyances and don’t get your mind disturbed by irrelevant things like your friend’s disturbances, pressure etc., If you want to watch a movie(try not to watch), then try to watch only Good Movies which makes your mind peaceful. Make the environment clam and neat. All you need to do this is just for a month. After the result comes out, where if you follow the right method to crack the exam if you got a very good score, then you are the most happiest person and that moment will be cherished forever. So, always stay healthy and positive.

prepare yourself for MBBS exam

Follow Senior’s Guidance

The last but not the least tip which I wanna give you is, try to get in contact with a senior who went through this phase, cracked the exam with a high score and got succeeded. You might find those people in the net or at least ask your college director to make the senior speak with you. He may be the best guide ever apart from your college faculty to make your crack the exam.

If you are unable to crack for the first time, try one more time with a lot of hard-work with confidence.

So, finally, all the strategies, methodologies, learning, hardworking, smart working lies within you. You can do anything if you follow a correct path and do the things correctly to prepare yourself for the MBBS exam.

Thank you for reading this…

Hope you do well in your exams…

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