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Writing a resume is very different from writing a CV. A resume is made for the one who has extensive work experience and diverse skills rather than the fresh graduates who don’t have much work experience. So here are the tips when can be used to enhance the quality of any resume.

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Always keep it short

The use of long and elabrated paragraphs are not preferred when it comes to writing a resume. Always keep it short. Use bullet-points to illustrate education or work experience if any, rather than paragraphs of writing.

Market Yourself

The use of positive action words will improve your personality and grab the attention of the employer to your strong personality in an instant. Positive action words like eager, punctual, accomplished should be used.

Highlight your Strengths

How a Professionally Written Resume Makes You 32% More Hirable | TopResume

Your objective statement in the resume should be a powerful and effective one which will highlight your best qualities.

Put Everything in Order

After your objective statement put your accomplishments and qualification first. Many HR managers think that order is very important and necessary as well as time-saving.

Show them what you can do

Remember, don’t just focus on what they want from your show that what you can do and offer. Show them what skills and capabilities you possess. Rather than tailoring your resume around your responsibilities, show what you have previously accomplished in other companies.

Don’t use jargon

Big words are nice if you manage to use them correctly. Avoid jargon and big words that your employer might not understand. In the end, all you want is to get the message across fast and effectively.

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Keep it up to date

Always keep your resume updated and customize it to each job you apply by rearranging experience according to new job responsibilities. Also, make sure you use a recent photograph of yourself.

Spell-check always

Many resumes have spelling mistakes that just proves to the employer that you weren’t interested enough with the job to write the spelling correctly. This eventually creates a bad impression on the employer.

Elaborate your education

This doesn’t mean to elaborate just about your school or university but it actually means to elaborate about any classes, online courses, programs, and organizations you have been involved in should be clearly stated. This will add up to your experience level.

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Showcase confidence

Try to showcase confidence in yourself. A well-written cover letter and a presentable candidate will not be turned down.

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