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10 Tips to prepare for Advanced Placement

How to prepare for AP?

Advanced Placement is exams that are conducted at the college-level for universities in the USA and Canada. Through this exam, the students can earn college credit. Sometimes, earning college credit will waive off some of the tuition fees of the students. Along with this, AP courses will earn you an advanced placement, make you stand out in the college, and save your time and money. Almost all the colleges of the United States grant credits and advanced placement for qualifying in the AP exam. Here are some Tips to prepare for Advanced Placement.

Figure out what to learn

The first step to your AP preparation is to figure out what you need to learn and what to review. You will have to gather information on the AP exam and papers of previous quizzes and tests. Take a look at the content areas that you will be tested on. Review all of them. Since it is not possible to retain every information, you need to retain the information specific to the AP exam. Focus more on the concepts that were not discussed in detail in the class and the concepts in which your test scores were less.

Make a plan

Once you have figured out what to review and learn, you need to make a study plan. You should have a weekly target that consists of the concepts you have to review and learn. Review all the major concepts you have studied in the class.

Tips to prepare for Advanced Placement

Find appropriate resources

A high-quality resource is extremely important in your AP preparation. Barron and The Princeton Review have some of the best AP preparation books in the market. Your textbook will also come handy. It will have exercises at the end of each chapter. You can also visit educational websites and watch YouTube videos for difficult concepts.

Don’t rely

Do not over-rely on your high school teachers. Their job is to teach you the course and make sure every single concept is covered. They do not help you study. Often, there is no time left for revision. Hence, you should not be dependent on them for your AP preparation.

Tips to prepare for Advanced Placement

Expert help

The AP class teachers are good resources to help you with tips, practice questions and exam preparation resources. You can go through your AP syllabus and ask your AP teacher to hold a special class for a difficult concept. You can also stay after school and get your doubts cleared. AP tutors are also provided by ‘The Princeton Review’ to help you with your preparation.

Stay Calm

You should stay calm above everything. Stressing about the AP exam is not going to fetch you more marks. Instead, it will make preparation difficult. You may lose your focus. Instead, relax and stay focused on your plan. Stick to your plan which will help you to achieve your goal. Also, do not invest all of your time in preparing for the exam. Take some time to yourself after achieving your weekly targets.

Tips to prepare for Advanced Placement

Start early

You should start preparing for the exam as early as possible. Firstly, review the concepts that you have already covered in class. By starting early, you will have the time to decide the duration that you should invest in every concept to make it your strength. You can also clear your doubts with your friends or teachers. You can also consult them for a confusing or difficult topic. If you cram the content, you are sure to forget.

Group study

Although most of the students prefer studying alone, the AP exam is a challenge that is tough cracking solo. Try organizing study sessions with the classmates. Quiz each other, talk about the resources and clear each other’s doubts. You can organize group studies every week and as the exam date approaches, you can meet multiple times in a week to provide and receive support for the preparation.

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Take notes

You should prepare your own notes if you want to score well in the AP exam. Prepare notes for all the subjects. Make your own flashcards. Notes and flashcards will help you revise the concepts that you have already studied. They will also help you assess the topics that have already been covered and the topics that are left to be prepared.

Find practice questions

In addition to the preparation resources, you will need practice questions to build your competencies. The best of all are the practice exams made by the College Board, which makes the AP exam too. Their materials are similar to the real AP exam. You can go through the information page of the College Board. Upon scrolling down, you will find free response questions from the previous year/s. You can also find the complete exam/s of the previous year/s that are released by the College Board for free.

These were some Tips to prepare for Advanced Placement.

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