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Category: 12th Science

Aug 17
Automobile Engineering Scope After 12th

If you want to know about the engineering scope after 12th, continue reading. Automobile Engineering is one of the most advanced automobile courses after 12th in engineering that involves the making of an automobile, including manufacturing, operation, design, and investigation of it during repairs, reconstruction, and modification. The automobile engineering scope after 12th is huge. It involves the […]

Aug 16
Chemical Kinetics: Rate of Reaction, Formulas and Equations

The study of chemical reaction rates and the variables that affect these rates is the main goal of the field of physical chemistry known as chemical kinetics. Understanding the processes by which reactant molecules rearrange and change into product molecules is one of its goals. Contrary to thermodynamics, which deals with the overall energy changes […]

Jul 15
Scope Of Pursuing Petroleum Engineering After 12th

If you require to understand the Scope Of Pursuing Petroleum Engineering After 12th, you are in the right place. petroleum engineering scope is one of the most interesting and fulfilling job possibilities accessible to engineering students in India. The increasing insufficiency of oil stocks joined with augmentation in research procedures for distinct petroleum roots has caused the […]

Apr 29
Scope Of Pursuing BTech After Class 12th

Aerospace technicians assess ideas to recognize that the outcomes match architecture systems. Aerospace technicians design primarily aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, and missiles. Also, the design and examine models to get certain that they operate according to plan. They are concerned essentially in producing aircraft and momentum methods and in analyzing the aerodynamic appearance of aircraft and building supplies. They operate with the system, technology, and application of flight within the Earth’s environment. This encompasses products on miniature spacecraft such as CubeSats and established great dependencies. Therefore, if you are into aircraft and…

Apr 19
Scope Of Pursuing Chemical Engineering After 12th

Chemical Engineering is a 4 years long Undergraduate Level curriculum. It spins about the thought of the importance of Chemistry in time to date records as well as Technical methods. Scope Of Pursuing Chemical Engineering After 12th. Chemical Engineers are in request at mineral-based enterprises, petrochemical mills, artificial texture layers, petroleum refining plants, synthetic industries, factories, […]

Apr 08
Top Private Universities in India

postgraduate courses such as B.tech, M.tech, MBA and PHD. JIIT Campus is spread over 6,50,000 sq. feet area covering Academic Block, Business School cum Research Block, and Hostels. The campus has 6 JIIT hostels, 3 for boys and 3 for girls. JIIT is recognized by University Grant Commission (UGC). JIIT Noida is an integral part of Jaypee Group pf Companies that currently provides education across all spectrum of the learning curve through 34 schools, five ITI’s, 1 Polytechnic, Advanced Skill Development Centre, PG college, B.Ed college, respectively and four universities catering…

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Apr 08
NTA JEE Decoded for XII Science students.

NTA JEE (National Testing Agency Joint Entrance Examination) is an entrance examination conducted for admission to various engineering programs in India. It is primarily aimed at students who have completed their 12th grade in the science stream. Here is an article on NTA JEE. NTA JEE Decoded for 12th Science Students. NTA JEE Exam Structure […]

Mar 24
8 Ways Parents Can Help Children Deal with Exam Stress

Exams for 10th class are a challenging time for most children. There’s a lot of pressure to do well, and most kids are very aware that the results of their tests can have a significant impact on their futures. Exam stress is very common, and many youngsters underperform or even make themselves ill because they […]

Jan 21
Biotech Engineering Scope After 12th

B.Tech. Biotech holds for Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Biotechnology and is an undergraduate architecture curriculum. Biotechnology is a blend of biology and technology and it is an involved ability. Biotech Engineering Scope After 12th. B. Tech in Biotechnology practices several notions of biology for changing living arrangements, block compositions and methods in architecture as well as […]

Jan 20
Entrance Examinations After 12th Science

Engineering and Applied Sciences are the usual subjects for which a learner can perform for the entry examinations after 12th science. As the exams of Class 12th get completed, learners get into the predicament of determining the appropriate job opportunity being oblivious of the number of admission exams accessible out there. Along with some of the conventional programs accessible for learners who concluded their 12th in Science, Commerce, or Arts, some unconventional yet accessible entrance exams are the discussion of the center and learners can appeal for them after the 12th.…

Jan 20
Scope Of Pursuing CS Engineering After Class 12th

If we see the scope of programming in today’s world, we can clearly say that it has been widened to a larger extent into other fields as well such as Mechanical and Electronics and, hence, its demands has drastically increased to a new level. CS Engineering (Computer Science Engineering) is one of the most demanding […]

Jan 19
Scope Of Robotics Engineering After 12th

If you require to know about the range of robotics handling after the 12th, you are in the right place. Continue reading to find out more. Robotics is the department of production architecture, electrical engineering, and computer science that compromises with the layout, development, maintenance, and utilization of robots, as well as computer systems for their control, […]

Oct 31
Scope of Pursuing BSc Physics after Class 12th

Medical laboratory experts have a broad description of duties and responsibilities, including Monitoring and examining blood, physique fluids, tissues, and organizations. Communicating analysis decisions to physicians. They are effective for the job of appropriating microscopes, cell counters, and additional high-precision lab facilities. They are extremely experienced specialists who discover the appearance or deficiency of disease and contribute data that support physicians to discover the most suitable procedure for the patient. Although some of the laboratory operation produced by these specialists is the equivalent, laboratory technicians concentrate on collecting, processing, and examining…

Oct 29
Scope Of Pursuing Aeronautical Engineering After 12th

If you want to know about the scope of Aeronautical Engineering after 12th, you are in the right place. Aeronautical Engineering is one of the best undergraduate programs in aviation. Aeronautical Engineering is the study that involves researching, designing, constructing, testing, and manufacturing of the aircraft within Earth’s atmosphere. It also covers the investigation into […]

Oct 09
Courses that can be done after 12th Science

If you want to know about courses that can be done after class 12th, you are in the right place. Many of the science students have the dream of becoming a doctor and they even try as hard as they can for getting admission in the government medical colleges. Some people even try for the […]

Sep 21
5 Creative career options in today’s world.

Whenever we look into career building we always do a calculation of our education and other criteria basically the methods to achieve or build a career in our life, that’s also a way to approach the career options we feel to choose in our life but there is no boundation of these following procedure in […]