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19 Reasons to work with Larsen & Toubro

Larsen & Toubro is a technology, engineering, manufacturing, construction and financial services company. It is headquartered in Mumbai, India. It was founded by Henning Holck-Larsen and Søren Kristian Toubro. The company has several offices internationally. High standards of professionalism and corporate governance is a characteristic feature of the company’s businesses.

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There are numerous benefits that the company offers to its employees like

Health insurance

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All the employees are provided with health insurance. It also includes dental and vision plans. On a valid prescription, the cost of medicines is also reimbursed.

Retirement benefits

Provident Fund and Gratuity Scheme covers all the employees.

Sick leave

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Two days of sick leave is provided to all the employees. For longer durations, a certificate issued by a medical practitioner is required.

Education of children

L&T Institute of Technology, Mumbai is an institute that provides diplomas and short term courses in Electronics Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. To motivate the students, prizes are awarded to the meritorious children of the employees.


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30 paid leave is given to all the employees on an yearly basis. The leave can be carried forward to the next year. Upto 300 days can be carried forward to the following year. The weekends are free.

Special benefits

Benefits for the site employees are also provided. Accommodation and free transport facilities for work is also provided. Medical insurance is also provided to all the employees and their parents.

In-office gym

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A gym is present inside the office which is free to use for the interns and employees alike. A club for recreational activities is also present.

Managerial benefits

Loans for housing, furniture and children’s higher education along with provision of company car, purchase of PC, membership of Superannuation scheme is provided to the employees at managerial levels.


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Casual dress is allowed for the employees. The firm makes efforts to help the employees familiarize with the atmosphere. The environment encourages growth and learning with other people.


Projects are given to the employees based on their skills. Lot of exposure in terms of procurement, design, contract, administration, and engineering is present. Freshers can gain a lot of experience. It encourages employees to bring results and gives them the authority to make decisions.

Growth opportunities

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Certificate reimbursement is given to all the employees. Career advancement opportunities are present. It has an impact across regions of the world. The individuals create their own path. They have challenges at every step, which deepen the expertise and broaden their knowledge.


The company has one of the best and cooperative management. Quality and unique management is present that ensures the growth and skill enhancement of the employees. It also ensures employees gain experience through international business. The work is fixed based on the educational qualifications of the employees.


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The meetings are scheduled. The agendas are less time consuming and concise. Salary is also paid on time. All the activities are planned in advance. The employees are encouraged for fast work execution. They also have to report to their managers on the scheduled time.


The workplace is friendly. Support is available at all times for the employees. : The coworkers are excellent. The teams are dynamic, smart and motivated. The employees are given their freedom to try better solutions. The working area is safe and kept maintained.


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The staff is trained on a regular basis. Freshers are given the required training. The company is a good place to learn some practical applications of your studies. The L&T stands for ‘learning and training’ in the company. Every project has something new to learn.

Employee centered

The company shows an interest in the employees and their problems. Guidance is available for the employees. Coaching techniques are used for any disciplinary actions.

Free food and transport

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Free snacks are available for all the employees. On working holidays, they are also provided with free breakfast and lunch. Cab facilities 9 pm are also available for all the employees.

Talent recognition

The company recognizes the talent of the employees. The staff is provided with a vision which helps the aspiring employees to not only work on the company’s development but also align their development with it.


gif for excitement

Employees are encouraged to work hard. Awards are provided to the deserving employees on a regular basis. Bonuses are also provided to the employees.

The company has ensured growth without compromising on its core values. It has its manufacturing footprints in eight countries apart from India. The net income is around ₹9,549.03 crore annually with assets worth ₹308,140.13 crore. This is one of the best companies to work in India. The company currently has 118 subsidiaries, 25 joint-venture, 6 associates and 35 joint operations companies. Business Standard chose the company as ‘Company of the Year’ in 2020.

This is the end of article on some important things to know about Larsen & Toubro.

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