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4 Ways to gain good marks in boards exams

If you want to know about ways to gain good marks in boards, you are in the right place. Belonging to this education system, the most important criteria that are required to be a member of the good and studious student is to score great marks in exam in spite of the fact whether you actually have the knowledge or you are just mugging up the subject. So students, though I always believe that you need to be knowledgeable to build up a proper and secure career I also believe that you should do the smart study to secure good grades too.

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So today I’m gonna talk about how to gain good marks in exam or how to do smart study. But I also want to mention that smart study is for last-minute preparations and not for entire session preparations. Remember one thing, if you only rely on the smart study and become academically strong, you won’t be able to crack any interview session because you won’t know anything beyond the syllabus. So don’t lessen your chances to gain a better future.


Last 10 years question papers

Last 10 years may sound too much but this education system doesn’t work hard on creating totally new question papers. So if you go through at least the last 10 years question papers then you may see that almost 60% or more percentage of questions have been repeated. Not only that, but you will also get an idea of the kinds of questions that may come in exams. One more thing that I want to add up to this is that, only apply this technique for your boards or exams conducted by universities, that is, the external exams, and not the internal ones conducted by schools and colleges itself, because this technique may not always work in the internals. Instead, try to smart study by prioritising the important questions that the respective class teachers have discussed in your class. Remember this to gain good marks in boards.


Important questions

We all have an idea about the important questions right? Even if we don’t have we get the same as provided from our teacher’s, suggestions or even we can collect that from friends. So you must be thinking that why it is important for you to learn the important questions if you are thoroughly working with the last 10 years question papers. That is because though you may get the important questions from there but also there are few important questions which had never come in any exams before but has a probability of coming when you are going to appear for boards. So if you are giving priorities to both last 10 years as well as the other important questions, then you are actually covering up about 40% of your syllabus. Remember this to gain good marks in boards.


Important sketches, examples and diagrams

Now you must be thinking that I’m actually convincing you to learn the entire syllabus but it’s not like that. The reason why I’m saying this is because while setting up a question paper the teacher sees that a particular important is question is repeated often and is easy too, they always tend to add up few examples or diagrams along with that. As a result, what happens is that you may have prepared for the questions but couldn’t score the majority of marks or had to skip the question because you didn’t practice the diagram or the example. So once you prepare them too, you have fewer chances of getting uncommon questions. This may also lead you to cover up around 50% of the syllabus. So you see, you are almost ready for the exam and gain good marks in boards too.


Well, this is the last part. It’s true that you can collect the answers of multiple-choice questions during exam time from your friends but that’s risky too when it comes to an external exam. Adding more to it, if you could go through as much as MCQs then you may actually cover up an overall 75% syllabus because you know about a lot of topics now. So if you get a 2 mark part question in a 15 mark, but if you don’t know about the topic then you will end up losing that mark automatically. But if you go through the MCQs at least twice or thrice, there’s a major chance that you will get that small part questions common from this. Even if you can’t write the answer properly, you will still get some marks. So it’s better to get something instead of completely omitting that portion and deducting your scores.

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So this was all about how you should prepare yourself particularly for external exams and know the tips and tricks to score more by studying less which is also known as a smart study. But remember one thing, please don’t apply this technique for your entire session, then you may end up in trouble in your future. Hope this helps you and you like it too. Remember these tips to gain good marks in boards.

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