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5 best career success stories for class 12th

In this article, we will be going through some of the best career success stories. 5 BEST CAREER SUCCESS STORIES. Success is not a thing that comes to people overnight. Each and every one has its own story and struggles to reach the destination they have wanted always. There is no success that comes without any hurdles and ups and downs in a person’s life. Here is article on 5 best career success stories for Class 12th

Let us discuss some of the motivational stories which will make you think that if they can, then why not us. After having a quick glimpse into their lives, you will be able to get insight into some of the most invaluable life lessons motivational stories as well as goals which you will want to get through the best means possible.

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Shakti Kumar – from ashes to gold

Shakti Kumar, who always wanted to be a teacher, is one of the most inspiring figures of India. Being from a lower-middle-class family, Shakti started did her schooling in an environment where there was not much importance given to studies. Being passionate towards study, she went to university against the will of her parents and studied by receiving scholarships. She completed her university exams and showed her dedication to do something in life by achieving a gold medal at the university level. She did her B.eD and from the scholarship that she got from her B.ed, she did her M.ed. One of the most struggling things for her was that she could not afford to buy books so she did her studies the whole year by borrowing books from the library. She had so much passion for becoming a teacher, that she completed all her studies through hardships and struggles and now she has been awarded the titles of ‘The best teacher of Jaipur’ as well as ‘The best teacher of Rajasthan’.

The girl who stood out of the crowd

Another inspiring figure who decided to get away from the crowd and walked alone bravely to achieve her goals is Krati Govil, who is currently working in Swiss Re, a multinational company. Born in a small district of Uttar Pradesh, she belonged to a medium class family. She always wished to be a topper in whatever she was doing. After passing with flying colors in the PCM stream, she gave JEE Mains and Advanced and passed in both the entrance examination. Howsoever, she had some different plans in mind. So, she defied the traditional norms and roads of the PCM stream and went for the actuary course. While doing graduation in Statistics (Hons) from Delhi University, she also did coaching for this field. Since she was so keen to get into this field, she devoted 14 hours daily in her studies. Her hard work paid her off and she got what she wanted. Currently, she is working in Bengaluru, Karnataka, where she is enjoying, being in her dream job. This story inspires us with the thought that if she can, then all others can too.

Smriti Irani’s love to social development

Being from a conservative Punjabi family, she was determined from the early days of her life to achieve something in life. After completing her class 12th, she moved to Mumbai to pursue her dreams and career. To get the basic necessities, she did several part-time jobs while pursuing her dreams of modeling as well. She got rejections a lot but she always took them as a sign of positivity. She turned into an instant celebrity soon after which she decided to move into politics. Even after so many struggles, she achieved a lot in her life and now is an inspiration for all of us.

Satisfaction in accordance with the success

Another motivational story is of a woman who struggles all her life but she did not give up and is now at a place where she always wanted to be. Hemlata Gupta, the youngest member of her family, was born in a conservative family where there was no importance of higher studies and the main motive was marriage. She got shifted from English to Hindi medium in class 8th and got married at an age of 18 years. She completed her studies after marriage while struggling with the responsibilities at home and the need for studies. After completing her studies, she got a good job at Delhi at a professor level in the Music field. But she denied as she wanted to teach those who needed it but could not afford it. So she applied for a teaching job and was able to get it. Now at present, she teaches the students with full dedication and got what she wanted.

Sachin Tendulkaar’s Success Story

Sachin Tendulkar, the famous Indian cricketer was not a fan of studies from the very beginning and took it as an obligation. He idolized a tennis star and wanted to be like him, so he practiced the game for some time. Then, he was introduced to cricket by his brother and he started to play in it. After this, he started his journey by becoming the youngest Indian cricketer for the test matches at the age of just 16. Then from this journey till getting the Bharat Ratna, he never stopped and wanted to achieve more and more.

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