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5 Best Comics TEDx Talk for Working Professional

Everyone thinks that a comic’s life is really easy and all they have to do all day is to write jokes. But in reality, they have to go through so many hardships, pains and sacrifices to reach where they are today. We are blessed that many comics had the chance to share their story openly on TEDx Talks. So, we here, at careerguide.com, are going to list a few TEDx Talk by comics for working professional that will really motivate you and inspire you to do things you were avoiding. They have messages and life lessons to share. The following is the list.

Anubhav Bassi’s TEDx Talk

Putting Everyday Life on Trial | Anubhav Bassi | TEDxRGNUL - YouTube

Anubhav Bassi’s TEDx Talk is my favourite of all times. The way Bassi expresses himself in front of the audience and recites his life journey is amazing to listen. He talks about his school life and career and how he switched multiple careers and finally ended here. Also, He is one of the most recognized comedians right now and he revealed that he was depressed after his job changes but alcohol and his friends helped him get over it. He accounted that you should make friends because they will support your live long and in every aspect of your life. His story is inspirational and very motivating. How he came from Meerut and became the next big thing. His creative decisions and support helped him get this success. Check this one out. It is THE best.

Naveen Polishetty’s TEDx Talk

Honest TEDx Talk – A Story Of Struggle & Grit ft. Viral Sensation ...

Most of you must remember Naveen as from the viral monologues like honest engineer or half day and many of you also remember as Acid from the movie. He has achieved such great heights now, by starring in his own movie, supporting role in movie and many web series too. But his path was never easy. In this TEDx Talk he talks about the struggles he had to face and the harsh reality he had to accept to grow in this industry. He shares his truth about life and his ideologies.

Then he claims, which I also agree with, that many working professionals first do engineering then masters in finance and then get married and have kids and then think what would have happened if they had chosen a different path. He shares about his dream and tells working professionals to dream big. It is one of the purest one to watch.

Bhuvan Bam TEDx Talk

Bhuvan Bam at SRK'S Ted Talks India - YouTube

Another inspiring TEDx Talk is of Bhuvan Bam or better known as BB ki Vines. He runs a youtube channel with the same name. He shares his story of how he followed his passion for music and struggled with it. Also, He went to open mics, performed in restaurants and bars after college. He then started a YouTube channel where he started making comedy videos. He is now famous all over India. When he reveals that his true passion is only music. He has sacrificed so much for his passion and now he is seeing the results. Also, He tells the audience to be themselves and follow their passion without being dependent on anyone. He inspires the youth to do something they love.

Ayush Mehra’s TEDx Talk

Enjoy the Journey | Ayush Mehra | TEDxSPIT - YouTube

Ayush Mehra is an actor and director. He was an assistant director to 4 major films the latest being URI. He talks in his TEDx Talk about the struggles and obstacles they have to face. People take fame and success granted, but they forget to put in perspective the long past and hard work done. He gives a important message to audience and which working professionals can learn is that you should enjoy the journey. Many are just wandering to find success without enduring the journey and that is a major loss. You should always enjoy the journey and let it shine. Your journey is important and should be sacred to you. It is an important life lesson that a working professional can learn.

RJ Naved’s TEDx Talk 

Success Mantra : Being Original | RJ Naved | TEDxIIITD - YouTube

RJ Naved is one of the most recognized RJ till now but the journey to become one was not easy for him. He shares his story and his ideologies to the audience. He believes that now he has the power to influence people, he will use it correctly and do the right things which can bring change in the society. Also, He lives up to the expectations of being a funny man and he expresses with his voice beautifully that change is needed at this hour. He also talks about being original is the true mantra of being successful and believes that doing is much more important than wanting something.

So, above was the list of best TEDx Talks by comics for working professional. Hope that it was of some help. Best of Luck!!!

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