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5 best Indian TEDx Talks for working professionals

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Many of you would have heard of Indian TEDx Talks. TEDx Talks is the biggest platform for a professional to share his/her life story and inspire people. Learning from mistakes experience is good but when you can learn from different people’s mistake, it is even better. So, listening to TEDx Talks are good for you. You must have heard many TEDx Talks right? There are so many TEDx Talks that a working professional may miss some of the precious gems in them. So, we here, at careergide.com, are going to list a few Indian TEDx Talks for working professionals to watch and get inspired. The following is the list.

Kaam Bhaari’s TEDx Talk

Kaam Bhaari’s Tedx Talk

Kaam Bhaari’s TEDx Talk is one of the best you will ever listen. Even though he is so young, listening to him and his life struggles will make you fall in love with him and his music. Being one of the youngest rappers of India, he had his fair share in struggles and he tells people about it through the form he knows best rap. He recites some of his verses with so deep meaning that you can just imagine what he was going through. He talks about his poor family in Mumbai and his journey to be recognized by Ranbir Singh and now becoming a labelled artist. It is an inspiration to watch him and listen to him. Give it a try and you will thank me later. Check it out.

Vilen’s TEDx Talk

Vilen’s Tedx Talk

Vipul Dhanker or better known as Vilen, is an underrated independent musical artist. He broke the internet with his first single that he sang, composed, directed and even edited. He never used promotions on his song and now that song “Ek Raat” has more than 220 million views on it. In this TEDx Talk, he talks about the nature of human beings and how being ‘selfish’ is important to keep your mental health straight and live in peace. He talks about his experience and shares his views and perspective on various social issues. Also, He claims that maybe if people thought more like a good person, the world will have lesser problems. He says that you need to concentrate on yourself and try to make yourself better with every possible opportunity.  check it out.

Esha Manwani TEDx Talk

Esha Manwani Tedx Talk

Esha Manwani in her TEDx Talk talks about the major issue India is facing, comparing people on their ability to speak English. In India, many people are judged on the basis that how fluent they speak. She raises this issue in her TEDx Talk and tells her journey and story of how she wasn’t able to talk in English till 15. Her love for literature made her interested in English and now she is fluent than ever. She overcomes the stereotype that your second language can’t be as good and fluent as your first. Also, She proved that you can succeed in anything if you have passion for it. She worked in multi-national firms such as Zomato but left that jobs to start something of her own. Her talk is really inspirational and worth a shot. Check it out.

Gaur Gopal Das- Indian TEDx Talks

Gaur Gopal Das Indian Tedx Talks

In my opinion, Gaur Gopal Das is the most inspirational and motivational religious person who can connect with this youth and speak in their ways. He is an electrical engineer from Pune and he joined ISKCON and became an active member in this field. He has a way with words that he is just mesmerizing in this Talk and he just forced you to think deeper about the topics and how you life is like a puzzle. You can only feel complete when all your pieces are connected and that too in the right manner. Just go and listen to him. He will give you such an amazing talk that you will feel that you just need to hear more of him. Then, He blesses his audience with wisdom. He talks about innovation and how you can achieve something with your willpower. Check It Out.

Mithila Palkar – Indian TEDx Talks

Mithila Palkar – Indian Tedx Talks

Mithila Palkar’s TEDx Talk is a very nice talk with a lot of lessons which a working professional can learn. She is an actor and singer and was brought up in the city of dreams: Mumbai. She narrates her story of life and how she became what she is today. Also, She tells people that it is okay to not have a plan in life, as everything happens for a reason and if you work hard with all your will power, you will be successful. Either now, or later, but you will be. She educated to never give up and encourages the audience to follow their heart and stand on it. Check it out.

So, above was the list of best Indian TEDx Talks for working professional. Hope that it was of some help. Best of Luck


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