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5 Best Netflix Web Series for Working Professionals


Netflix is known for its iconic movies and web series. They provide a bunch of content for people to watch and most of them are really great and worth a watch. There are many web series on Netflix that can really inspire a working professional or that can educate them on different levels and stages. They can really show them the corporate world’s reality and do and don’ts in an office. Therefore, we here, at careerguide.com, are going to a list the best Netflix Web series for working professional to binge watch and maybe gain something from the. The following is the list.

The Office– Netflix Web series

The Office

The Office is one the funniest shows that are ever created around an office. This is a type of mockumentary sitcom series. It involved various types of people working in an office. It shows what not to do in an office for a working professional. With its shares of funny moments and emotional moments too, this series is a masterpiece. You will fall in love with their facial expressions and their occasional looking directly into the camera. 



Created by

Michael Schur

Original Language:


No. of Seasons: 9

No. of Episodes: 201

Scandal– Netflix Web series


Scandal is an interesting and intriguing series available on Netflix. When a former White House Communications Director decided to start her own crisis management firm, things go sideways. She learns the truth about her new employees and the secrets they are hiding. It is very exciting show with a n edge of seat experience. Anything more said about this series would give a spoiler, so try to engage with this masterpiece.

Political thriller

Political drama

Created by

Shonda Rhimes

Original Language: English

No. of Seasons: 7

No. of Episodes: 124

Dirty Money-Netflix Web series

Dirty Money

This shows basic plot revolves around the fact that the only way you can win is by stealing from your opponents. They talk a lot of stories about security frauds, corruption among corporations and creative accounting too. This is a must much series for all you binge watchers.

Genre: Documentary 

Created by

Alex Gibney

Original Language: English

No. of Seasons: 2

No. of Episodes: 12

House of cards– Netflix Web series

House Of Cards
House Of Cards

House of cards was the first adventure of an original Netflix series. This series revolves around Frank Underwood, who is recently appointed as a secretary of state, and his wife. He then goes on an exciting quest to seek revenge on the people who have done wrong with him and betrayed him and meanwhile Frank is successfully rising to supremacy. It is a must watch for all working professionals. Frank and his wife Claire both have a lust for power and both are cold-hearted.

Political thriller

Political drama

Created by: Shonda Rhimes

Original Language: English

No. of Seasons: 6

No. of Episodes: 73

College Romance-Netflix Web series

College Romance

College Romance is THE best webs series on college. If you are a working professional and you want to relive your college moments and memories, college romance is the show for that. With the perfect blend of comedy, romance and emotional scenes, you will definitely fall in love with this web series and its characters. From the West Delhi slugger boy Bagga to the cocky and controlling freak Deepika, this show has its fair share of spectrum of characters. 


Romantic TV Drama

Romantic Comedies

Original Language: Hindi

No. of Season(s): 1

No. of episodes: 5

So above was the list of best Netflix web series for working professional. All the above mentioned are worth a watch and you should defiantly binge-watch them for an edge of seat experience. Hope that it was of some help. Best of Luck!!!

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