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5 Best Work From Home Jobs for Working Professional

Everyone knows that we all are facing difficult times today. Due to this global pandemic, most of us are not able to go to work and many of us are losing our jobs on daily basis. Now that we have to stay at home, why shouldn’t we utilize this time to be productive and earn money, right? The simplest way to earn money is having an online job or many of you like to call it Work from Home job. There are so many jobs available in today’s world that a working professional might get confused or get scammed. Therefore, we here, at careerguide.com, are going to list some of the best Work from Home jobs that working professionals can get. The following is the list.

Data Entry

Data Entry Jobs Excel Data Entry per 20 pages for $20 - SEOClerks

Data Entry is the simplest job you can get while being at home. It requires almost no skill and is easy to do. You just have to have some basic knowledge of computers and entries. There are various companies which provide Data Entry jobs to working professionals and even to freshers. The amount of work is according to the pay and the working hours are quite less. An average professional who Data Entry earns around 14000 rupees per month which is a decent amount of money for such little work.

Home Customer Care

Formal complaints process

Another Work from Home job that requires a little amount of skill is Home Customer Care work. Home Customer Care is a very easy job where you just need good communication skills in the required language. You can consider this as a Home Call Centre. There are two types of Home Customer Care jobs: one is Voice Customer Care and other is Text Customer Care. In Voice Customer Care, you have to answer multiple calls in a day and have to solve their problems over the phone. You will need to be fluent in your chosen language and hence work properly. And in Text Customer Care you have to communicate with people over text. You have to be excellent in typing and have accurate writing skills. The average a working professional earns in Home Customer Care is 16840 rupees per month. 


Now a job which requires a lot of skill and effort is development. Development includes every development i.e. Web development, software development, Graphic designing, Animation, Vlogging, Blogging, Content Writing etc. Obviously, a working professional should have a perfect knowledge of the development and should give their best in their work. For web and software development, you will need a complete knowledge of various coding languages and have skill in that work. For graphic designing and animation, you will need the explicit skills in drawing and art and knowledge of mechanism of multiple softwares to work on. In vlogging, you should have a high definition camera and good editing skills too. You should be fluent and have some acting skills too. And lastly for blogging and content writing, you should have great knowledge of the language you are writing in and have a sense of knowledge related to the topics you are writing. You will have to research a lot and will have to use impactful words. All these development jobs are a little hard but are worth it.  

Social Media Managing

Social Media Managing is a recent work from home job which is pretty famous. You will need basic and later advanced SEO knowledge to work as a social media manager. There are multiple works that a social media manager has to do. They have to use right keywords, manage social media accounts, look through their growth, post different content daily and you hard work should have results. It is not very difficult to learn SEO and other skills required for social media managing but without that knowledge, it would be impossible to work as a manager of social media. The average pay of a social media manager is 21852 rupees per month. 

Online Tutor/Teaching

Online English Teachers - Online, Online Teaching jobs

A Work from Home job that is not very well explored is being an online tutor or teaching online. It is obvious that you will need communication skills, teaching skills and more importantly a catching personality so that the student would not get distracted and would only focus on you. You will first need to master the skill or subject that you have to teach and you are good to go. A little effort is required to work from Home as an online tutor but it would be exciting. The average salary of an online tutor is 27460 rupees per month.

So above was the list of best work from home jobs for working professional. Hope that you will join any job from above and start earning real money instead of wasting your time. Best of Luck!!!

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