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If you want to know about myths and facts about mental health, you are in the right place. There are tons of myths about psychological state issues that we are hearing since childhood. So today I’m gonna discuss few very common myths that we have heard of. Not only that, I’m even getting to discuss the particular facts related to each of the myths. So do read this article till the end because you will come across a lot of interesting things in the entire article.  

So let’s get started.

Children don’t have mental health issues

We are tired of hearing this right? Well let me tell you one thing, this is a complete myth. This is so foolish of someone to think of something like this. Now do you know the fact behind this ?


If not, then read it from here – Mental health issues are often experienced by younger children who haven’t even turned 15 years yet. So if your child or younger brothers or sisters come and try to talk to you about their depression then don’t just send the entire conversation with a laugh. They may actually need help. You never know if they’re actually browsing a dangerous experience. This is a fact about mental health.

Weak personality suffers from mental health issues

Now you may have also heard a myth that if people actually try to work hard on their mental health issues then they can. So this myth is very common nowadays, especially since the quarantine days started. Now let’s come to the fact – I’ve read during a lot of articles that psychological state has nothing to try to do with weakness. But let me tell you something, I think during this myth and comply with it totally. Wanna know why?

Because sometimes you’ll not be ready to seek help or even those you’re trying to hunt help from are busy at that moment. So what options are left for you at that time? To get more depressed or maybe find yourself in doing more severe act right? So why be hooked into others for your own psychological state issues once you can solve them alone? If you ask how? .. then here’s the way – So consistent with many articles, it says that psychological state issues don’t have anything to try to to with weakness or laziness. So I would like to ask what’s mental strength then? This is a fact about mental health.

Remember one thing, regardless of what proportion assist you seek or what percentage counselling you are doing to recover your psychological state issues, if you yourself don’t determine to return out of a situation, nobody can take you out of it. Just an equivalent way, if a patient having physical health issues doesn’t want to get over their associated diseases, no surgical or medical doctor is going to be ready to do so. So never underestimate your mental strength. Just think that if your mental illness can be so strong then how much power your mental strength can be? So I agree with the myth.

But another thing I would like to mention regarding this – you’ll get to seek help to recover and that is completely okay but seeking help before trying your level best for self-recovery is a weakness. So first try yourself, if still impossible then only seek help. Because once you seek help after several selves try, you will actually get determined on getting recovery soon.

People with bipolar disorder have mood swings

Well, this myth is partially correct but there’s a lot more to it. Bipolar disorders can make the mood swings last for weeks or maybe months. Want to know how? Here’s the answer – It is a disorder associated with ‘episodes’ of mood swings from low depressive to highs maniacs and is just not about mood swings occurring in few moments only. This is a fact about mental health.

People with mental illness aren’t able to work

I really wonder how foolish an individual is often if they really think like this.

The actual fact is that an individual having a really successful job life also can suffer from depression. We work with many people that are browsing depression and it’s just that we are simply unaware of the very fact that they’re depressed. Not everyone can express what they’re feeling inside. Most people affected by depression are afraid to talk up about their problems. You may never realize depression of your very close ones until they burst out or commit something unimaginable. So never ever think that an individual handling depression cannot handle a successful job or isn’t suitable or ready to achieve so. This is a fact about mental health.

I guess you found these myths and facts very relatable right? Even you’ve got heard at least one among them tons of times. So I hope that you simply liked the article and need to study tons of facts that were hidden behind some illogical myths. So from next time you hear someone talking about these myths, do correct them immediately. Take care.

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