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5 online business ideas for working professional

As you must have known, there is a lot of competition in the world and it is very difficult to survive in this competitive world with a single job. You need some side business to survive and that too online as it is not easy to open a business in the real world as it is online. You will require the least amount of capital to open and operate an online business. Therefore, we here, at careerguide.com, are going to list a few online business ideas for working professionals. The following is the list.


One of the simplest business you can do online business is to resell. Resell is very easy and conventional way to earn money with a little har-work. The basic thing you have to do in reselling, as the name suggests, you have to resell products. Your only job would be to search products liked by the masses, but it at a cheap and low rate and sell it online to make your profit. Now the profit depends entirely on you. You can increase or decrease your profit on your own. You can do this work on eBay. Also, you can start an Instagram page and Facebook page and after achieving some good number of followers, you can sell your products. Be sure to get your products from trusted people and those products should not be broken or of low quality as it can affect your business.

Sell home-made products

If you have some talent in you, you can utilize that and can start your own online business by selling your home-made products. You can open your own website and can sell those home-made products at reasonable rates. Products can include anything such as paintings, artifacts, clothes, printed t-shirts and other amazing products. A little hard work is required to operate this kind of business but with the right kind of people and skill, you can easily boom your business. Home-made products have a special touch in them which attracts people towards them. It can get successful with a little bit of hard work and strategy and planning. You can also give out combos and other offers to attract new people. Same as above you can also sell them on Instagram.

Teach Online

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It would not be wrong to say that nowadays education and teaching has become a business. Teachers think about making money rather than teaching properly. Now, you can also teach online to earn money. It may sound unethical to teach for money but its not. You are giving education to children and making their future. If you have the right communicational skills and you can grab the attention your student and you have teaching skills, this business would be perfect for you. You can teach the students over video calls such as Skype or Zoom. You can earn real well by teaching online. This business will never go in recession as students will always study.

Write your way UP

If you are good in writing, you can make a good online business in writing. There are a ton of things by which you can make money just by writing. You can start your own blog and monetize it to each money. You can write an e-book and put it on Amazon. You can become a copy writer. There are so many possibilities. You can become freelance writer or content writer for people. You can create scripts for other people too. There is so much scope in this business that you will never be dome with it. You can write legal services or can write and design other people’s CV or letters. All in all, there are endless possibilities in this business idea. You just need the skill and you can earn pretty generously.

Become a Youtuber

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Ok, so it may sound absurd but it is a good option. Becoming a Youtuber can be a great online business idea. If you become a successful Youtuber, your whole life can change. You would be famous, make a ton of money and will have a lot of time to follow your passion. You can boost your other businesses with your YouTube channel. It can help to advertise. And more importantly, Youtubers earn a lot of money than we imagine.

They get money by monetizing their videos and getting ad revenue. After being famous, they get money to show up at different events and they are invited to multiple functions as well. It may sound bad, but it is really a great option. You should have a camera and you should be able to express yourself. Also, you need to learn a little bit of editing to save money on editor. 

So, above was the list of some online business ideas for working professional. Hope that it was of some help. Best of Luck!!!


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