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5 Pros and Cons of Online Jobs for Working Professional

Due to the coronavirus breakout, everyone has faced a lot of difficulties. A lot of people lost jobs and many lives are lost too. People are not permitted to go outside of their homes so one of the solutions that a person has to secure his/her job, is to work from home online. Online jobs are crucial nowadays due to this global pandemic. But it has its own merits and demerits. So we here at careerguide.com, are going to list a few pros and cons of online jobs so that working professional can ultimately decide whether to join an online job or not. 



The best part of a online job is that it is extremely convenient. You can do your whole work from home instead of going to an office. Usually a drive to office takes about an hour or so. And traffic is the main reason behind it. Hundreds of people have to either drive up to work or take public transport. Working from home saves a lot of time and resources. It helps us avoid stress.


A great advantage of online jobs is that there is a  lot of flexibility. You can literally work on your bed wearing pajamas and no one can say anything to you for doing that. Also, You can work from couch, your workstation, on terrace or even in your lawn (if you own one). You can be free and take as many breaks as you want while working from home. Flexibility is the thing which elevates a person who is opting for an online job.

More family time

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It is a known fact that due to long office hours people have to sacrifice their precious time with family. They slowly starts to get disconnected from them and can lead to many family problems. But due to online jobs, one can spend a lot of time with their family and loved ones. They can reconnect with them and now try to understand them. They can connect with them on a whole new level due to more free time. Relationships can be improved by working in online jobs.

No unnecessary communication

When you have to go to office you have to see a hundred faces daily. Communicating with so many people daily can put a toll on your mind. Therefore in online jobs you have the least communication. Most of the communications are through text or mail and only the most important work or interview or meeting take place on video calls. This helps a person to keep sane and avoid unnecessary communication with people.

Saves a lot of money

We usually do a job to earn money. But when we go to a regular office, we spend a lot of money on things which can be avoided. We spend a lot of petrol or gas. Or we spend on transportation. We eat from restaurants during lunch breaks, we order tea or coffee during small breaks and also eat out while working late night. But in online jobs we save a lot of money on transportation as we don’t have to travel anywhere. We save money on food as we or our family can cook it for us. It also makes us healthy eating home cooked food.


Technology problems

When you work online, you can face a lot of problems related to technology. Firstly a stable internet connection is required so that the work transfers and communication would be easy. Internet can lag sometimes and causes a lot of problems. Secondly, a laptop or a workstation is required so that the work would be efficient and doesn’t lag behind. A good webcam is also needed when a video conference is held. Sometimes due to the slow speed of internet, the files are not uploaded quickly hence it results in the questioning of your efficiency and determination.

Low Productivity

One of the biggest demerit of online job is that it decreases your productivity. It happens naturally. When you are given a free environment where no one is there to head or judge you, you procrastinate a little and your productivity gets down and down. Low productivity leads to losing in you by your recruiter.


Distraction: 10 ways to reduce distraction & be more productive

When working from home there can be a lot of distractions. Sometimes its because of lack of space or sometimes it’s the family that needs your attention. Many people face this problem. Distractions lead to mistakes in work and low productivity which can lower your reputation. Distractions consume your time and makes you slow and lose focus. Sometimes the weather distracts you or sometimes its TV but it is a major problem.

Messed up routine

The disadvantage that really leads online jobs down the hill is that there are likely no fixed working hours. You can literally start working from afternoon to mid night and it is not appreciated the same way as you work in office. The uneven timing of work can really mess up your whole routine and can make you tired all day. Your sleep routine, eating routine and even personal time routine gets messed up due to an online job.

No work life and private life balance


Management of your work life and private life is very important but due to online jobs, there is no balance. In-office jobs there is a routine due to which work life and private life do not mix. But in online jobs, there is no balance between work and personal life. They get intermixed and causes a lot of problems. Therefore a lot of times both work and personal lives gets disrupted.

So here are some pros and cons of online jobs. We hope that you would now be able to make a choice and choose whether you want an online job or not. BEST OF LUCK!!!

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