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5 Scopes Of Pursuing BJMC After Class 12th

The field of Journalism and Mass Media and Communication is more than just working in the news. There are a whole plethora of opportunities that one can look into once they start studying for it. There is a wide scope out there for the students who choose BJMC after their class 12th.  Good command over writing and what you say is required in this field. You need to have good communication skills as well as good expressive quality in order to make sure that you choose and land in the right place. Only if you possess such qualities where you can manage the exposure of the world, then this field of BJMC is waiting for you after class 12th. Here are 5 scopes of pursuing BJMC after class 12th.

Journalism is the practice of gathering, verifying, and presenting news and information to the public through various mediums, such as print, broadcast, online, and social media. It is a profession that involves investigating, reporting, and storytelling to inform, educate, and engage audiences on a wide range of topics, including politics, business, science, culture, sports, and more. Journalists, also known as reporters, journalists, or news writers, are responsible for researching and collecting information from reliable sources, conducting interviews, analyzing data, fact-checking, and crafting stories that are accurate, balanced, and relevant to the audience.


Journalism is a very well known field to all. One thing which is clearly required for this field is to have strong communication skills. As known to all, the way of expressing things and the confidence and boldness in saying or communicating something is something which is the foremost foundation stone of this field. So, if you think you have the relevant skills and can pursue your career through your confident writing style, then this field of BJMC is for you after your class 12th.

Public Relations

Public relations, also known as PR in short, is like an ocean in itself. Just as the name suggests, the PR executives or the Public Relations executives are responsible for managing the relations between the audience and the company. They work as a knot of maintaining the relationships between the outside world and the business world within which they are working. They are responsible for the public campaigns through different strategies to let the audience know about different types of activities and the other things which are required for the functioning and growth of an institution. So, BJMC provides you with the framework to how to think about things in such a manner.


The news writers are what is demanded at a greater scale in this field. If you look at the placement reports and the other sources as well, you will get to know that the majority of the placements in BJMC are taken as that of writers who work on the day to day happenings going on around the world. The exemplary creative writing skills are strongly required for this position to achieve at a higher success level. So, if you think you can catch up with the worldly news and present it with a munch of crisp and engaging thoughts, then this field of BJMC is waiting for you right here.

News Analyst

This is another field that offers high positions and career prospects. Just as the name of the career field suggests the role, the main role of a news analyst is to take out the most relevant and important happenings going around in the world. You need to have a keen observational skill as well as the skill to take out a diamond from the coal. If you are looking forward to pursuing BJMC as your course after class 12th, then one of the above-mentioned things will go well for you to achieve this position in no time. Therefore, if you already possess one of these skills or you think you have the capability, then the BJMC is waiting for you after your class 12th.

Event Management

Event Management is like a whole new world in itself. The people who want to do something different and possess the friendly sociable characteristic in them love to choose this field. Since there are a lot of things that are required to make sure in the event management, one thing which is of utmost importance is to handle the tasks and relationships with full creativity. Therefore, if you think that you want to do something different from what the rest of the world is doing, then you can pursue BJMC after class 12th which will provide you a whole range of strategies and will cultivate your mind to think out of the box.

A big chunk of the people who choose the BJMC course after class 12th, go for either journalism or for event management positions. So, if you think that, you have the capability of socializing with the people in an influential manner and can serve you as a strong foundation in achieving a successful life, then BJMC will be the right course for you after class 12th.

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