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5 signs that you are being manipulated

If you want to know if you are being manipulated, you are in the right place. Did you ever sit back to think about the fact whether you were ever being manipulated in a relationship or bonding? Do you even know the techniques by which a person can manipulate you? If not, then today I’m going to talk about a few signs which are seen in people who try to manipulate others. So if you feel that you are being manipulated but don’t know how to identify that then please do read this article till the end. You may find this helpful. So let’s get started.

They always play the role of a victim

No matter how worse you or your decisions are, remember one thing, you can’t always be wrong, no one on this entire earth can be wrong all the time. Just the same way, a person can’t always be the victim. So if they always try to blame you, in spite of the fact that it wasn’t your fault but completely theirs, then it’s a sign that you are being manipulated. They would always try to justify their side and make you feel sorry for being the culprit, though the truth is that you are not the culprit but just being manipulated.

So what you need to do is to stay away from such kind of people because you are clearly being manipulated and you can properly understand that they are just taking advantage of your innocence.

They are always calm and cool

Have you ever been in a situation where you get highly impulsive for certain issues and unable to control your temper during the peak moment? On the other hand, you see that the other person is always calm and cool which makes you feel like overdramatic. But in reality, it’s normal to lose temper sometimes when the situation is very crucial but it’s kind of abnormal to stay calm and cool in every situation, isn’t it? So the fact is that their so-called not so perfect personality makes you feel less and that’s a sign that you are being manipulated too.

They always joke

So you have definitely met such people who are always joking right? They may hurt you intentionally by pointing out or stabbing on your weaknesses but still call it as a joke right? And when you finally confront them regarding this issue they blame you instead of for being so sensitive. So you see, it’s your fault to be so sensitive in nature. No dear, it’s not your fault, it’s their fault to make you feel less. So stay away from this kind of people, they are just toxic.

The comparison phenomenon

You must have come across a situation where you want to share your problems with someone. But instead, the other person basically tries to compare your problems with themselves, in order to prove that you still have a better life than them. Though it’s true that we still have better lives than a lot of people when someone shares their problems with you that means they trust you. So once you start comparing, they feel guilty about the fact that they shouldn’t have shared it with you. So you see, making you feel guilty or even proving you that your problems are not so serious is actually a sign of manipulation.

They will give you silent treatment

If you often have a fight with someone where you had no fault, then the other person may try to give you the silent treatment. Again, if you support the truth even when you know that your friends are wrong or you ask your friends to come out of the wrong track so that they don’t get into trouble, you see that they take your honesty in a wrong way and try to give you the silent treatment. They will not attend your calls, won’t reply to your texts, won’t include you in plans anymore. They will basically try to show that you don’t exist in their life anymore. What happens after this is you feel depressed and think maybe you shouldn’t have supported the truth instead of supporting your friend. In that case, you must remember that you shouldn’t feel sorry for supporting the truth, you just have to cut such toxic people out of your life. They don’t deserve to be friends with you.

So these were 5 very common signs that show that you are being manipulated in a bonding. And trust me, you should never get back to the bond where you always get manipulated. Settling for so less is not just worth it right? I hope that after reading this article you get enough strength to come out of a toxic bond which has nothing good for you but just demotivates you with lots of manipulations and insecurities. Thank you for reading till the end.

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