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5 Ways in which LinkedIn helps a working professional

If you are an active working professional, then you must have, at least once, heard about LinkedIn. For all those who have no idea what it is, LinkedIn is a wonderful website available to anyone. It has many benefits and advantages which a working professional can get. If you have the right skill and if you have a good CV, then this site is very useful to you. So, we here at careerguide.com, are going to list a few ways in which LinkedIn can help a working professional. The following are the ways.

Finding a job

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The number one thing in which LinkedIn is useful is that you can very easily find a job. All you have to do is make an extensive profile on LinkedIn and upload a wonderful CV. Listing your achievements on LinkedIn is very easy and is easily accessible by the recruiter or the companies hiring. After making a profile, you can look for the jobs suitable for you and related to your talents. Then just approach them and apply for those jobs. LinkedIn has such a high job board that you can easily get a job if you are capable. To sign up/ login on Linkedin click here

Hire employees

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As easy it is to find a job, it is same to hire employees. Hiring employees through LinkedIn is very easy. You just have to put a job out there and many working professionals who are qualified for the job will apply to it. You can display the working requirements and the pay too. It is very easy. After that you can select from a vast list of candidates by looking through their easily accessible CV and working profiles. It is as easy as a snap of fingers.


Now if you are one of those people whom like to research a lot about a company before joining or applying for it, then this website is for you. It provides a vast variety of researching options for working professionals. And yes, it is as easy as it sounds. You can get a lot of information by just a few clicks. Many working professionals likes to research about other working professionals who are working for a particular company and LinkedIn helps in that.

LinkedIn makes it easy for a profile to view another person’s profile easily.  If you are that working professionals, give this wonderful site a try. Researching high-value companies and hiring individuals can be really helpful as you can completely study them and then accordingly can send your application. You can follow multiple companies and their accomplishments. If you are a HR working professionals, then LinkedIn is the best site for you as you can easily research the working professionals and your can-be future employees with ease.


Ok so it is a researched fact that most of the intelligent people on LinkedIn doesn’t use it only to seek job. They do much more than that. They starts to network at this site. A very generous option by LinkedIn is the groups offered by them. These groups are easily accessible and very beneficial to join. You can meet the professionals with the same level or creativity and/or qualifications and/or job seeking habits. You can meet new people who are in your career and can extend your network to a whole new level. Networking is really important in today’s world as it is extremely competitive in the industry and having contacts is always beneficial. You can open multiple job opportunities for yourself and can lead to new paths which may help you a lot.

Exposure of big companies and recruiters

One of the best thing you can get from LinkedIn is that you can gain a lot of exposure from MNCs and high recruiters. Once you put your profile out there and approach companies, many companies and working professionals will see your profile. They will see your qualifications and specifications carefully and analyse it properly. By this you will get a lot of exposure. Exposure could be  quite helpful to as them you can get your name out there.

People will then start to notice your work and skillset and it would be easy to get a job after that. Once you set the right type of exposure from recruiters, they will think about your profile while recruiting and may even contact you directly. It can be really beneficial. You will get new opportunities from exposure. You will set a name up. It will also help when people would Google you. They would be shown your LinkedIn profile and it is really a good exposure to start with. So consider using this beautiful website.

So, above was the list of ways in which LinkedIn is useful. Hope that you will use LinkedIn and it was of some help. Best of Luck!!!

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