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6 New Age Career Options

Career opportunities for today’s youth are increasing by the second. Multiple job profiles and fields have emerged lately. It is a generation of risk-takers and the youngsters don’t just want to become an engineer, doctor or lawyer. With the advancements in technology, our generation has been exposed to a wide variety of themes and ideas. We are creators of change. Young adults all around the world today believe in following their passion and making a living out of it. We are free birds and nothing can stop us from pursuing our dream careers. Here is a list of some new-age career options for you to choose from. See what inspires you!

new age career options

Graphic Designer

If you have the skills and the ability to draw mind-blowing artworks then this is the most appropriate role for you. Give wings to your creativity, let your art be famous. Show others how to create something unimaginable. You may learn graphic designing through an online course or you can enrol for a professional degree in the same. There are no limitations or restrictions to what you can make; your inputs will be valuable to the employer in some way or the other. You can also do freelance work along with your job.


Youtube is growing as a social media platform. Many people have their own channels and are successfully sharing content by making videos and posting them online. You can share your passion with your viewers as well. Becoming a YouTuber requires hard work and dedication; you need to do your research before starting your own channel. However, if you have it in you then no one can stop you from becoming famous. In order to succeed you need to restrict your content to a specific domain. Use the right equipment and build on your film making skills.

career options

Content Writing

Can you express yourself through intricately woven words? If yes, then this is the dream job you’ve been waiting for. If you have the ability to capture the reader’s attention then you must try your hand at creative writing. Just like graphic designing, as a writer, you can work on various freelance projects together. Storytelling is an art form in itself. Writing can help you earn money. You can also learn new things while doing research work for your content. The main skills required to become a successful writer are a good command on the English language and the skill to make grammatically correct sentences to form coherent paragraphs.

Stand Up Comedian

Who isn’t a fan of Zakir Khan? If you have the talent of cracking witty or even lame jokes for that matter, then you should try becoming a comedian. Making people roll with laughter is not an easy task. You can gain popularity if you know how to keep the audience engaged and happy. You can also try participating in TV reality shows. You can take inspiration from various comedians such as Bharti Singh, Vir Das, Sourabh Pant and so many others. Who knows, perhaps you could become the next Kapil Sharma and have your own show!

App Developer

The technological advancements have opened a new avenue in the employment industry. It takes a lot of creative thinking to come up with viable app ideas which can become successful in the market. If you have the right coding skills and can come up with something in demand, companies will be willing to hire you as an app developer. The new generation is always glued to their screens, apps will enhance customer base for various companies. An app developer is in great demand in the current market scenario.

new career options

Wedding Photographer

Photography is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you can capture memories perfectly, then this is the right profession for you. Weddings these days are lavish and brides and grooms leave no stone unturned to make their parties and events memorable. Wedding planners are in great demand too, you can collaborate with some planners and join their team as a photographer. There is a lot of scope in this field due to the unlimited number of events to capture! Wedding videos are also popular among the new age couples. So what are you waiting for? Go and capture those beautiful smiles and sentimental tears!

The new generation adults are risk-takers and believe in living their life in their own ways. Choosing the right new-age career options becomes significant in order to achieve success. One must do what they are truly passionate about. In this era of competition and creativity, your ideas in every field need to be unique and unmatched. You need to have the ability to engage with your community even as a freelancer. But remember; only if you choose the new-age career options of your choice will you be able to outperform your counterparts.

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