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6 scope of aviation after class 12th

In this article, we will discuss some of the career fields to enlighten you with the scope of aviation after class 12th. SCOPE OF AVIATION AFTER CLASS 12TH. Aviation Industry is a vast field that is totally dependent on a candidate’s skills and capability. There are many popular courses that are opted under the field of aviation such as Aeronautical Engineering, Commercial Pilot License, Aviation Hospitality Course, BBA in Aviation, and so on. Here is article on 6 scope of aviation after class 12th

The main reason for its popularity among the class 12th science stream students is that the students at this age are very adventurous and have high ambitions for their future. Since aviation is a popular field that is gaining ground at a wider place, let us go through some of the most sought after scope fields in aviation which are opted by the students after their class 12th. It does not matter from which field you are. The aviation sector has opportunities for all the students, regardless of their backgrounds.

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Airport Manager

Airport Manager is a professional who has a specialty in aviation scienceaerodynamicsairport economics, and so on. He is responsible for the day to day operations of the airport and works for the better future planning of the airport. The main task of the airport manager is to look into the safety of the airport by ensuring proper working with the help of the regulations and budget planning. To get good opportunities in this field, you can opt for different courses in aviation after class 12th to ensure a higher number of chances of employment. Some courses include Airport Management Courses such as Bachelor of Aviation in Airport Management, MBA in Airport Management, and so on.

Cabin Crew

The cabin crew in the field of commercial airlines holds the responsibility of the safety and comfort of its passengers as well as providing special care to the ones who are needy. Cabin crew forms a vital part of the aviation industry without which no aviation industry could work. There are high chances of employment in this field for those who have a good fitness level. A lot of hard work and determination is required for the cabin crew staff which ranges from customer satisfaction to language skills. Therefore, if you think you are a dedicated individual with good physical fitness, then you can go for this field after your class 12th.

MRO Industries

Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Industries, popularly known as MRO Industries, under the Commercial aircraft field, is one of the most essential sectors in the aviation line. The role of the MRO industries is to transport the passengers and the cargo in a safe and secure manner. The MRO industries are influenced by external factors such as checking the air traffic volume which may be high or low, the proper utilization of aircraft, and the global fleet size. So, if you think you have the interest and capability to maintain this field, then you can go into this field after class 12th by opting for an appropriate course.

Helicopter Pilot

There is a vast requirement for the helicopter commercial pilots in the aviation field. Helicopter pilots are not just limited to the working of usual pilots where they are responsible for just transportation of passengers from one field to another. There are no boundations for a helicopter field in the aviation field. They can work under different sectors such as transportation of passengers, transportation of cargo, clicking the clear as well as accurate images of the places, monitoring over a particular region, and so on. So, if you think you can be an all-rounder, then this field is best for you to opt after class 12th.

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officers, popularly known as the CTOs, are the technical managers who look after the overall technology direction management. There is a huge demand for the Chief Technological Officers for the management of the overall technology and business management. They deal with the growth of the technical vision in a strategic direction and focus on the growth of the objectives.

Air hostess

Air hostess is often mistaken to be a part of the cabin crew. There are misunderstandings for the part that those who take the role of air hostess are perfectly beautiful. However, that is not the case. The air hostess training provides the learners with grooming and personality development courses to maintain a good image in front of the passengers by maintaining good behavior. Also, fitness is seen as a necessary advantage for this field. So, if you think you are fit for the field of air hostess, then you can go for the same after class 12th by getting proper training to ensure higher chances of getting selected.

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