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6 Things to know about liberal art colleges in the USA

Almost all the major colleges in the US offer Liberal arts as one of the full-time programs. It is meant to promote freedom of choice in your subjects and help you develop better communication skills and critical thinking ability. Liberal art colleges offer all sorts of subjects including natural sciences and physical sciences. It is a myth that they only offer humanities. 

 Many career-oriented subjects such as computer Programming, Entrepreneurship, Business Studies are also offered in a three four-year liberal arts program. The demand for liberal arts is growing day by day. In this article, we will talk about the 6 things that someone should know about the liberal art colleges in the USA. Some of the best colleges in the USA are William College, Swarthmore College, Pomona College, etc. To know more about liberal arts in the USA, read about the top 8 colleges to study liberal arts in the USA.

100% Financial Aid 

Yes!, you heard it right, you can study liberal arts for 100% free. The aid is need-blind and it is dependent upon your family’s financial standing. The scholarships are open to both domestic and international students. The Carleton College in Minnesota had given $55M in financial aid in a single academic year. Wellesley College has more than 60% of students on partial and full financial aid. 

The admission will be based on a holistic process, they will not consider only your grades. But other aspects as well, however, merit will not be based on your credentials, but your need. You can submit documents and details such as Income tax return, yearly income, loan documents, and other things to get financial aid. 

Plethora of opportunities 

A plethora of opportunities means that you have an opportunity in terms of both career and academics. Every college is unique in its own sense. They offer different courses and course structures with a single aim that is to provide you a multidisciplinary perspective of different disciplines. In a liberal arts college, you can study subjects such as computer science with entrepreneurship, English with creative writing, and Political Science with Mathematics. So it opens open different career paths to you. American liberal art colleges offer more than 100 and some offer more than 200 undergraduate programs. 

You can also learn more about different opportunities and more benefits of liberal art courses by reading Top 8 benefits of studying liberal arts in your college

Acceptance rates 

The Acceptance rate at US liberal art colleges is between 12 percent to 20 percent. The rate is higher than other big US universities. The education quality and recognition of liberal arts degrees are increasing day by day and the admission is based on the holistic process. If you have, what it takes to be a holistic candidate to a liberal arts college. You should take a shot at the application. Liberal art degrees are now recognized globally and 20 percent acceptance rate is decent compared to other American Universities. 

Low teacher-student ratio 

The seats in liberal art colleges are very limited. Many big colleges in the USA have around 1500 to 2000 students. For example, William College has a student-faculty ratio of 7:1, and the Swarthmore college student-faculty ratio is 8:1. The reason for such a low student-faculty ratio is that the students choose different and diverse streams. The low- student-faculty ensures that all programs go smoothly. 

The main advantage of such a low student-faculty ratio is that individual attention is paid to each student. You can get individual feedback and plan your career ahead. You can connect with the faculty easily on an individual level, connecting with faculty could prove very fruitful for you. 

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 Liberal art programs provide you many soft skills, where the key skills are communication, critical thinking, collaboration, problem-solving, and creative thinking. Some of the major sectors that you can get admission into are finance, advertising, education, law enforcement, etc. Many employers consider these skills desirable. The recognition of liberal arts colleges and their degrees also increases your employability chances. 

 Modern Curriculum 

The modern curriculum means that it is updated every year. The faculties have the liberty to design their course and it means that the curriculum is updated every year and new courses/electives are added every year. If you are studying computer science, the curriculum will be updated as per the new technology. If you are studying entrepreneurship, then you will get the best business examples, etc.

The main perk of liberal education is that you will have the liberty to design your own course and choose your own electives.


American liberal art colleges are becoming famous day by day. American colleges are famous globally as they order it in its purest form. It has expanded very much in the USA as compared to other countries. You have plenty of liberal art colleges to choose from than any other country.

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