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6 Ways to earn through Instagram

Social media has evolved. Gone are the days when social media was just used for socializing and sharing pictures. People are now using it as an opportunity too. Below mentioned are ways to earn through Instagram-


Starting a business you need inventory. So how do you get them? You could create your products but it is a long and time-consuming process. You could buy from the manufacturer in bulk and then ship out products to your customers as they buy. But that involves a huge amount of money and the risk if the customer does not buy that product and one is left with no sales and is quite risky if you are dealing with perishable items. Then comes Drop shipping at your rescue. Drop shipping is a business where you don’t have to hold any inventory. It makes the startup process quite easy and is one of the fastest and easiest ways to start a business or rather an online business.

You can make money by promoting the products that you drop ship through Instagram and reach out to many people. In drop-ship, you don’t have to buy and stock products to sell you just need to get orders the supplier will ship the product directly to the customer’s door. It is as simple as buying something for yourself. You don’t have to worry about storing, packing, or shipping items all that is done through the manufacturer.

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Not all manufacturers follow drop shipping but many do so you won’t have trouble finding a source to start your business. For this, you can make an Instagram page and post catalogs and get the audience on it through shout outs. If the customer likes any of your products they will place an order for it, then you just have to check the cost price and add your profit margin and tell the final price to the customer. After placing the order when the product is delivered to the customer by the manufacturer you will get your profit margin. Drop shipping has taken the online business world by storm.

Sell your own products

Do you create planners or jewelry or something on your own? If yes, then you can sell it and earn through Instagram. Building a site or an app is too expensive and risky if nobody gets to know about it, it won’t fetch you anything. To begin with a start it through Instagram by opening an Instagram store, make a page, and post your products on it, if it involves a complex process then reveal the hard work you put in to make it. With Instagram shopping, people will buy the product through your photos or videos so try to make your photos and videos attractive. Show all variations in your products, color, sizes, etc.

Photo for handmade products

Create story highlights to showcase certain products on your profile. Use a perfect backdrop for clicking photos of your product to see what colors and textures make your products stand out, remember the more attractive pictures more trafficking on your page. Share photos and videos that your customers have shared or posted with your products, encourage interaction by putting up QnA. You need to generate good products at reasonable prices for your customers to get attracted.

Collaborations/ Sponsored products

Photo for sponsored Instagram product

If you are an influencer and have got a good amount of followers and good engagement on your page then you can collaborate and make money through sponsored products. In this, basically a brand pays you to create content using their products in the form of pictures or videos. You either get paid for it or you get their products free. For this, you really need to have a strong presence. Not only huge followers but engagement is also what matters. Brands go through your engagement and on the basis of which you get brands for promotion. It is important to make sure that you’re only partnering with brands that are specific to your niche. If you are a beauty blogger then all collaboration with cosmetic companies will serve the purpose.

Promote your physical store

Photo for boutique for Instagram

Do you own a boutique or a bakery or any store? If yes, then you can promote it through Instagram. Just make a page that tells about your store, what you deal in. Mention your location, promote your products, tell people what is new in your store or what is on offer. Convince them to buy through you through your store. This will get you many customers in your store.

Affiliate marketing

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You could become an affiliate marketer for different brands and receive a commission through what you sell. Affiliate links on Instagram are often seen as swipe up trackable link or promo codes.  Being an affiliate and influencer is quite different. By being an influencer you try to grow brand awareness whereas as an affiliate your focus is to get people to click links and make sales in order to gain a commission. Amazon affiliate marketing is quite a popular and easy way for beginners to start earning.

Sell your services


Through Instagram, you can sell your services. There are many accounts offering photography sessions or delivering products to your place, tattoo making, etc. If you provide any sort of services then you can get your customers through Instagram. A great way to get yourself out there is by finding accounts that require such services follow them this is the crowd that will want to see your posts as they require that service. If they like your work they could contact you for bookings. And, if you can offer a better or cheaper service than your competitors, they’re more likely to book an appointment with you again and again.

Earning through Instagram is easy and affordable. Many big ventures now had started with a small Instagram store. So the main thing that is important is to create good content and promote it as much as possible. Get customer’s trust and brand loyalty.

These were some ways through which one can earn through Instagram.


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