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7 basic etiquette for working professional

Etiquettes are basically personal behaviour of an individual in a social group or in a society. One should always have the basic manners and simple etiquette rules where ever they are, be it in parties, company, a guest’s house and so on. 

Business or work place etiquettes are very important and creates mutual, respectful and professional atmosphere. Etiquettes at work will enhance one’s status at work. So, here are top 7 basic etiquettes for working professionals  :


First impression must always be a good impression and the best impression. Here is the place where etiquette comes into the picture. The way you present yourself in a  is important. When you enter your workspace how you greet people, the way you complete the given tasks must be on time and impressive. 


Having good communication skills is a must in a working space. Communication in companies plays a major role to work effectively and to be more productive. Communication also strengthens the bond between colleagues and trainers which increases the team spirit and performance. Do not hesitate to start up first, be bold enough to present yourself and speak confidently. 


Never be in a hurry to learn everything at once, try and understand the company’s policies and environment slowly. Being patient is very much necessary, understand the work process and the people around you and don’t mess with things unnecessarily then only you will be able to put the right things in the right places. 


Always use your mobile phones up to a limit and only when it’s necessary. At the working place people expect you to be more focused and dedicated at your work and when you get diverted into your phone it not only creates a bad impression on you but also spoils your hard work. 


This is a very simple etiquette which is missed out usually. The desk is the place where we work, keep our belongings, important documents which we do not want at any cost to get spoiled and this  also makes us lazy because we are spending extra time on our desk which is not a good sign of a working professional. 


Dressing appropriately represents a visual image and sends a message to other colleagues that you are professional. Every company has a certain dress code and when followed will create a positive and greater impact. Informal or ugly dressings will lead to negotiations which anybody would not want to hear, which in turn will lower one’s confidence. Being comfortable and dressing properly will boost up one’s confidence and help do their work to the best. 


Having clear cut boundaries to your personal and professional life is very much important. While coming to work one has to stay focused and come with a mindset of completing all the tasks to his best. After going back home 80% of the office work should be completed there itself and should not be taken to the home. This also reduces stress in your personal life. 


Having a solid foundation of manners and etiquette makes one feel more strong and confident. Having a proper etiquette at the workplace helps in many ways like creating more opportunities, avoiding misunderstandings and offence. Try habituating all the above-stated points and you will never have any problem or difficult at any place, mainly at Woking space.

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