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7 best creative courses after class 12th

7 best creative courses after class 12th. Mary Lou Cook, an award-winning actress once said that “Creativity is experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun”. That is precisely what creativity is and she managed to capture all its essence, through beautiful words, into one sentence. Here is article on 7 best creative courses after Class 12th

There are plenty of students who wish to explore their creative sides and even make careers out of it and these students must be encouraged as it is nearly impossible to live in a world without creativity and art. Some of the most rewarding creative courses one can pursue after 12th are mentioned below.


Graphic Designing

Graphic design is one of the most challenging creative, visual art courses out there. It requires a lot of creativity, skill, precision, and ability to withstand working for long hours. Though there is no specialization in graphical designing, students who secure a degree in Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design can go about various fields such as animation, Adobe Photoshop, website development, logo designing, working in magazines, newspapers in their creative sections and also sell and market their products.

Beautician Courses

Beauty and cosmetics are one of the fastest-growing industries in the world since humans are vain. Humans will not ever stop caring about how they look, what the wear, their appearance, and whatnot. Countless people and organizations capitalize on such agendas and therefore, being a beautician after 12th can reap a lot of rewards. Beauticians are not only about working in beauty parlors as there is a lot more to it such as cosmetology, analysis of skin, skin disorders, skin infections, manicures and pedicures, facials, aromatherapy, massages, hair, and makeup. Women tend to be the majority of the client for beauticians but in recent years, men have also started took care a lot about their grooming, and hence, this course is not just for women.

Makeup Artist Course

Unlike a beautician course, makeup artists’ courses focus only on makeup, application techniques, color palettes, hairstyles, styling, makeup for different occasions, skin tones, skincare, and hygiene, airbrushing, so on and so forth. The past decade has seen the rise of the makeup industry like never before with many makeup artists launching their own makeup lines and surprising their audience almost every week with a new product. Being a makeup artist in 2020 and in the years to come will be successful for anyone if they invest proper time and hard work into these courses. This is one of the most popular courses which you can pursue after 12th.


Art is limitless. It can be anything and everything and the only criteria do meet is what you are interested in. Whether it is poster painting, water painting, sculpting, woodwork, sketches, or calligraphy; a course in Art will definitely bring out your skill and creativity and help you broaden your horizons and grow as an individual as well as an artist.


Architecture is both about creativity and engineering. Unlike other courses mentioned above, architecture is actually a professional degree that is pursued for four years or more. Relevant work experience and a good portfolio are also required for architects to land a good job and earn well. Various subjects are taught in a Bachelor of Architecture degree such as a history of architecture, geometric, mathematics, freehand drawing, AutoCAD software, building management, materials for building, environmental studies, culture and ethics for designing, etc. The beauty of architecture lies in its artistic side, but it is not to be mistaken for a course that is easy and for the fainthearted since it requires a lot of patience, hard work, persistence, and creativity. This is one of the most creative courses which you can pursue after the 12th.

Culinary Courses

Most people opting for a culinary course choose to become a chef and work in a restaurant or open their own business or restaurant. However, that is not the only profession that can be achieved after completing a culinary course. Just like a school needs both teachers and a principal, the world of food needs both chefs and food critics. If you are passionate about cooking or baking and genuinely want to pursue a career as a chef or a critic, then a culinary course is a must since it will definitely enhance your skill and give you relevant knowledge on how restaurants work. Anyone and everyone is willing to pay good money for good food therefore if you are a good chef, you will earn just as good.


Authors, poets, play writers have incredible power when it comes to words. Only a few people are capable of weaving magic and evoke a sentiment of such a degree in people that we cry and laugh and smile and feel for something that is not even real. The world would not be the world that it is today without people choosing to use their words to make a difference. Working in the literature field can be a bit of a high-risk game as the stipend is not exactly fixed and much of it depends on your luck and skill.

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