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7 best reasons for pursuing MBA Degree

7 Advantages Of Doing Mba After B.tech

MBA salaries are some of the highest on the job market

Pursuing MBA degree and after pursuing it from any top ranked Universities it became easy for an professional to start up their career with a good job with high salary. Among the benefits of MBA degree job security and high salary are some of the most important things. The average income of MBA graduate is much higher than the employee with other degrees as it is professional degree you can except to earn twice as much as a salary you can earn with normal graduate degree. You can choose different fields in MBA degree and after that you will have options too to choose your job and the choices are business operations management, management analyst, market research analyst, top executive, HR manager.

THE top 5 industries where MBAs earns the most are:

  • Consulting
  • Financial services
  • Technology
  • Health care
  • Consumer packed goods
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You can start your own company after pursuing MBA

Many students choose MBA because they want to be an entrepreneur or they want to start their own business as they have high dreams and they know how to turn it into reality. Here I’ll tell why MBA can help you became a successful entrepreneur.

Real life experience in starting a business can tell you the major traps you need to avoid and what you should do to make sure your company grows with time. You can find MBA colleagues who have similar interest and can understand and help you in your startup. You can share your ideas with them it will help you in your start up and you both can form a common vision.

It is easier to start up something new when you have reliable partner with common visions. You will learn many new things as you will get to learn how to communicate with people who to increase you networking with others and why it is essential for success of any organisation. Don’t believe you are the only one becoming entrepreneur there are many MBA graduates who want to start their own business and the competition rises from there. According to the research (80% to 85%) business school’s alumni entrepreneur most often start their own company or business and rest (20% to 25%) go for product/ service industry. You get to learn entrepreneur skills while pursuing your MBA degree.

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It helps us to develop advance and flexible management skills

MBA graduates are usually young business people with minimum of two years professional experience. Even senior employee, who feel up to the challenge may sometimes apply. MBA classes will help you in developing your skills which will be necessary to keep a company successful. The curriculum of master of business administration degree can be different but here are some of skills you will develop depending on the study programme you will choose:

  • Improve leadership skills
  • Develop, advertise and sell your product and services
  • Networks, create connections or partnerships
  • Keep company’s finance department healthy
  • Promote and maintain company’s positive image
  • Manage difficult situations
  • Hire top talent and improve employee retention
  • Make tough calls at right time.

Pursuing an MBA degree forces you to get out of your comfort zone. You will explore latest international business trends, apply the newest management techniques and challenge yourself to improve your business, team and collaboration.

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There are lot MBA specialization to fir your exact goal

Because of international popularity of MBA programme many universities and business schools have develop a wide range of MBA programme, specialising on different aspect of business world. You can choose any of them for your career.

  1. General management- it is the most popular MBA specialisation as it is great for developing an all-around affective business
  2. International management- it’s great if you want to work abroad or want to work with global companies those have offices in different locations. It’s great to take your business across the border as global business are growing this is very important specialisation.
  3. Strategic management- it basically prepares you for long business planning and strategic planning.
  4. Finance- it will help you to get a job in banks, to be a financial controller.
  5. Marketing, entrepreneurship, operating management, it management, human resource etc.
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MBAs are challenging but not difficult to graduate

Many students ask if MBA is too difficult for average student the easy answer most likely to be is “not”. But as you learn during your MBA your attitude makes up over 50% of your professional success. So there must be a possibility that you are not asking a right question rather than asking if MBA is too complicated you can try new ways of looking at thing which you think is difficult And take them as challenge and grab it. That’s how professional business person would looks at it.


You can study MBA part time or online

The main benefit of studying MBA degree online is convenient. Some people do other business or prepare for other exams with their MBA degree they might be busy with these activities this doesn’t mean you cannot expand your knowledge in business management as doing online MBA programme is very comfortable you can study it at you own place and access lecture and course material whenever you want and online MBA course fees is lower than the usual one. Another advantage of studying online MBA is you only have to pay the online lectures cost.

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MBAs are great for a career change and thriving business opportunity

 Many students choose MBA to either change the industry they are working in or advanced to a managerial position. You should not do both the things at once as it’s possible to spread too thin. Not having the work experience in the new position to back it up. Approximately 1 in 3 prospective MBA students use their management education to pursue opportunities in new industries. It’s a good idea to decide on the industry and the job you plan to follow before applying to MBA. It will help you in building up your career.

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