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7 Best TEDx Talk for working professional

Genuinely, one of the best ways to motivate for a working professional is to watch and listen a motivational story. And what’s better than TEDx Talks, right? TEDx Talks are one of the most well-spread motivational videos and it really life changing if you listen it with all your concentration and focus. Sometimes you have less time to spend on your entertainment that you select the first you can see. By this, some of the best TEDx Talks are left unnoticed. Therefore, we here, at careerguide.com, are going to list a few Hollywood TEDx Talks for working professional to watch. The following is the list.

Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey, an author, talks about brain and how to focus your brain in obeying you. He is really inspirational in this talk and by his way to communicate, we understand that he knows that he is talking about. He claims that the key to productivity is focus so he educates the audience to focus their brain and to increase their attention span.

Scott Geller

Psychology of self motivation by scott geller a visual summary

Scott Geller, a professor, writer and the director of the Centre for Applied Behaviour System in the Department of Psychology, talks about self- motivating yourself through psychology in this talk. He talks about the art of self-motivation by psychology. He expresses his concern towards the people who fail to motivate themselves and end up doing bad things. Psychology is an effective way to improve your mental health and to motivate yourself. It is very important for a working professional in this age to learn to self- motivate themselves. 

Lara Boyd

Lara Boyd in this motivating TEDx Talk talks about how our knowledge about brain is increasing drastically and how neuroplasticity can give you the power to change the very shape of your brain. She does many inspirational talks and tells about her journey and her discoveries. She claims that by taking advantages and utilizing multiple opportunities, you are changing yourself almost everyday and how you can concentrate your mind to change itself for the better. Give it a try!

Tim Urban

Tim Urban, a Youtuber, talks about his experience on YouTube with his journey and recites his story of being a procrastinator. He claims that he knows that procrastination is not good and can lead you to trouble, but he couldn’t escape this habit until now. He reveals that he waited many times until the last minute to complete a work. Now he inspires the audience by telling them the cons and helping them to reduce procrastination or else, a time will come when they will regret their decisions. His story gives us an insight of a master procrastinator’s mind.

Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins is a criminal lawyer, married working mother of three and she is also one of the top careers and relationship expert in America. In this talk, she talks about her smart and effective approach which she takes to keep her life sorted and overcoming multiple problems. She talks about her struggles and being a working mother who has to face multiple problems daily. She represents the whole women community gracefully and respectfully.

Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson, an author and advisor, talks about how schools kill the creativity of a child in this TEDx Talk. He says that every child is talented and can do so much but is either not given a chance or his passions are killed by the school in engaging them in stupid activities and pointless work. Sir Ken Robinson speaks about creating his own education system in which a child’s abilities would be fully utilized and improved. He says that your life depends on the talents you discover.

Robyn Stein DeLuca

Robyn Stein DeLuca, a professor, gives my all time favourite TEDx Talk. She talks about a topic which most of the people ignore and get disgusted while talking about it. Yes, I am talking about PMS. In her and my opinion, this topic has gone unchecked for decades now. She tells that there are many myths and stereotypes regarding PMS that people believe and she debunks them fearlessly. We should talk about PMS more openly if we want to bring change in your world. It is a natural process and there is nothing to be ashamed about it. She gracefully talks about why the myths are still persistent and I think that we all can agree with her. Her TEDx Talk is really life changing.

So, above was the list of best TEDx Talks for working professional. Hope that it was of some help. Best of Luck!!!  


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