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7 Career Options for B.Sc. Maths Hons. working professional

Confused what to do after B.Sc. Maths hons.? Many working professionals have the same query. Therefore, to ease your search and select a preferred career option for ahead, we here, at careerguide.com, are going to list 7 best career options for B.Sc. Maths Hons. working professionals to choose from. It would help you choose your career ahead and if you are still thinking about whether to opt B.Sc. Maths Hons, it would help you too. The following is the list:

Actuarial Science

So You Want To Study Actuarial Science | by Hazel Apondi | Medium

By doing actuarial science a person becomes an actuary. An actuary is a working professional who deals with the management of uncertainty and measurement of risks. Insurance companies, Reinsurance companies and Pension companies hire an actuary. We can say that the demand for actuaries is high but supply is low. Therefore, actuaries are paid very high. The average salary of a new actuary is around 9.7 Lakhs per annum. Having a statistical mind and high knowledge of maths is required to succeed in this field. 

Operational Research

Operational Research (O.R.) Techniques Simulation. - ppt download

Operational Research is a great career option for B.Sc. Maths Hons. working professional. Operational Research is the method of analysis to provide a management decision which is quantitively and mathematically based. A person with high mathematical skills can surely pursue this field. Almost all companies require an operational researcher so that they can make multiple decisions for the firm which are mathematically supportive. Strong analytic skills are required for this field. The average salary of an operational researcher is 6.43 Lakhs per annum. 


Banking can be a good profession for a B.Sc. Maths hon. working professional to utilize his/her degree. Banking is of two types: Investment Banking and Retail Banking. Investment banking involves giving services and financial advices to large firms, high-class people and government. Retail banking on the other hand involves the work of main high banks, providing products and financial services to individuals and small businesses. Both types of banking are fast paced and getting a promotion has very high chances. The average salary received by employees of investment banking are 9.35 Lakhs per annum and the average salary received by employees of retail banking are 7.83 Lakhs per annum.

Engineering Science 

Engineering Science | Technology

Engineering Science is a unique program in which a B.Sc. Maths hon. working professional’s mathematical skills can be used to solve real life physics problems. This disciple involves the study of combination of mathematics, physics, biology, social science and engineering. This is a special and new field which only a few people know and does. It is a difficult course to pursue but it is worth it. Many organizations hire working professionals from this course such as IBM, GE, Deloitte, Pepsi Cola etc. The average pay for a working professional is around 4.78 Lakh rupees per annum.


Teaching career is one of the best for B.Sc. Maths hons. working professional. Getting a teacher’s job after BSc is quite easy. All you got to do is apply to various schools. You can teach middle school, high school and even teach intermediate classes. Many people criticize B.Sc. Maths hons working professionals for getting a teaching job but it has many benefits.  You are eligible for CBSE schools, ICSE schools and state board schools too. Recession can never affect your career in teaching as every student would like to be taught and parents will too pay for tuitions. The average salary of a teacher in India is around 3.4 Lakh per annum. 

Government jobs

Government jobs are also an option for B.Sc. Maths hons. working professionals. They can get a job in DRDO i.e. Defence Research and Development Organisation or ISRO i.e. Indian Space Research Organisation. Many people don’t believe that they can get a job in ISRO after B.Sc. Maths hons. but it’s true. You can get a job as junior scientist. Also, You can prepare for other government jobs by taking various exams such as UPSC, Railway exams etc. You can also get a job of teaching in government schools.

Higher Studies

Higher studies are also an option for you. After B.Sc. Maths hons you can study M.Sc. Maths, M.Sc. Physics, M.Sc. Statistics and M.Sc. Economics. You can also pursue a joint degree of M.Sc. and Ph.D. Maths. For joint degree you can take an exam of JAM and get an admission in IIT. There are other higher courses too from which a B.Sc. Maths hon. working professional can choose.  By getting higher education new roads can be opened for you. Multiple different career options can be chosen after getting a M.Sc. degree. 

So above is the list of the top 7 career options for B.Sc. Maths hons. working professionals. Hope that it was of some help and your doubts would have been cleared regarding the same. Best of luck!!!


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