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7 career options for working professional in pharmaceuticals

One of the most unnoticed and underrated working professions is a profession in pharmaceutics. Not many working professionals know about this and that gives it a great opportunity space. There are multiple career options for working professionals who want to work in the pharmaceutical field. Due to less competition, it is rather easy to set a career in this field and the money is great too. As many people doesn’t know about this, the demand is high and supply is low. So, we here, at careerguide.com, are going to list a few career options for working professionals in pharmaceutical companies. The following is the list.

Laboratory Analyst

What Does a Laboratory Analyst Do? (with pictures)

Laboratory Analyst is one of the best jobs for a pharmaceutical working professional. Their basic job is to use special equipment to analyse and test various samples and materials provided to them. They have to prepare experiments and test either physical, chemical or biological makeups of new samples. There are hired by many laboratories and they are useful to derive information. They can expand their work in the fields of criminal sample testing and justice. The average salary of a lab analyst is 12.68 Lakh rupees per annum.


Now, in this field, you can be many types of manger by your choices. There are so many types of Managers such as Sales, Pharmaceutical Purchase, quality assurance, business development etc. As the name suggests, every type of manager have different roles which they have to perform. A quality assurance manager has to check the quality of the product produced and they have to approve it. A Sales Manager does, as the name suggests, sales. They concentrate on making a sale on the product and they over view and supervise the team. The average salary of a manager is 11.58 Lakh rupees per annum.


One of the easiest jobs in THIS field is the work of a Pharmaceutical distributor. The basic work of a distributor is to collect and purchase the prescribed medicines and multiple other medicines from the manufacture of pharmaceuticals in warehouses and storage houses and distribute them in the entire state or city or their targeted field. It is very easy and just the knowledge of medicines is required to do this work. The average salary of a distributor is 8.47 Lakh rupees per annum.

Market Researcher

How to Become a Market Researcher | Career Girls - Explore Careers

The basic job of a market researcher in pharma is to research and analyse about the customers and market. It involves gathering information, recording them and later analysing them deeply to understand the market. In researching the market, it includes studying about the competitors and their customers and their movements as well. It is a difficult job to do and a lot of hard work is required to do research. After researching a report of useful information is created which helps the firm. The average pay of a market researcher is 5.31 Lakh rupees per annum.

Drug Developer

Amryt Pharma PLC: The AIM drug developer potentially sitting on a ...

The most difficult job in pharmaceuticals is drug development. It requires so much hard work, skill and knowledge that not many people can do it. Also, It requires to make a safe drug, test it multiple times, study it for side-effects, and get permission for human trials and then try to make a safer drug. It is very difficult to create a drug. It requires a vast knowledge of the human body and how it reacts to a certain number of things and many other aspects. The average salary is worth it in this job as they pay around 6.49 Lakh rupees per annum.


Being a pharmacist is a very good career choice for working professionals. They have to clear a bunch of exams and then they would get certified. After getting certified, they can open their pharmacy and can earn a ton of money from it. The profit can go as much as 600% to pharmacies. These are very easy job to do and you can also open multiple pharmacies under your certificate for a bunch of money every month and can earn without doing anything. It is a successful choice for those who only want to earn money.

Higher Education

The last best career option for working professionals is to do higher studies in this field. It is very nourishing and you can create a successful career in this field. There are multiple master courses in pharma such as MBA in pharmaceutical management, Post graduate diploma and many other. These courses are really helpful and can boost your career to the next level. It is recommended to finish your post-graduation before starting working in this field and their options. Higher education is important in this competitive world.

So, above is the list of career options for working professionals in pharmaceuticals. Hope that it was of some help. Best of Luck!!!

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