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7 Careers Where Women Are Overtaking Men

If you talked about women’s role in a society like a century ago, then the picture of a mother carrying a baby would come to your mind. Their position was the kitchen where they would take care of the entire family as the men made sure their families never lack. Times have since changed, and we can now see women in leadership positions and making boss moves. Women are now taking up careers that were previously dominated by men and excelling at them. In the business world when it comes to accessing financial resources, opportunities, and support. While progress has been made in addressing gender inequality, significant disparities still exist.

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Web design

Women are taking careers in web design, just like their male counterparts. Women pay attention to details, and you can be assured about the best themes when it comes to functionality and appearance. A good female web designer will also advise on the best web hosting companies once your site is ready.

Web designers create the look, layout, and features of a website. A good web designer understands computer programming and graphic design. Women in web design work with UI designers and UX designers to ensure that they produce presentable sites that meet end customers’ needs. Various companies employ some of these women, while others work as private contractors. Such people learn what it takes to create a portfolio, get the word out there, and even take online courses to get better at their craft.

women over man

Customer service support manager

Women dominated customer service support in the past. However, the managerial part was mostly left in the hands of a male employee who will coordinate all customer support issues. The trend is changing, where women are getting the managerial role. This manager must ensure that the customers of the company are satisfied. It thus calls for someone who is patient and who can work under pressure and still deliver. The manager needs to observe the latest trends in the industry to understand customer needs.

The Customer service support manager is tasked with providing a motivating and productive environment to those in customer service. She will also handle disputes and issues that arise from the customers/clients. She will record all the interactions that happen on the platform and note trends that help in decision making. Women are taking this career that was mostly dominated by men in the past.

Retail operations manager

Women are known for their convincing power, and that is why you will find retail shops employing a good number of them. They are now proving that they can as well manage retail operations and perform even better than their male counterparts. A retail operations manager is the first level manager.

The manager keeps the retail store clean and organized. A retail operations manager develops and maintains a strong working relationship between employees. She is tasked with preparing paperwork and submitting it on time to the relevant authorities. Such a manager is also responsible for ensuring continuous employee training and development.  It is the role of this manager to ensure that employees hit the milestones and goals that have been set by top management. A retail operations manager typically reports to a director who then reports to the owners or shareholders.

women over man

UX design

UX design is a crucial field that deals with user experience. Most web or app designers test their apps to determine how people view them before rolling out. UX is a career that combines creativity, data, and empathy, making it a good fit for women. A woman in UX design is expected to collaborate with designers to come up with apps and websites that fit customer needs.

The UX designer will also develop tasks and wireframes based on user needs. It is the role of the UX designer to design creative ways to solve usability problems. Such a person also works with other designers to develop prototypes based on the customers’ needs. UX designers work hand in hand with UI designers to ensure that the apps and websites developed are attractive. They are also come up with design ideas, and they communicate them with developers.

Animation specialist

They are also known as motion graphic designers. Such a person can work in the film industry and ad agencies to create animations or graphic motions to educate, entertain, or market products. Animation specialists also work in gaming companies where they produce games as well as ads. Women are also now taking this career that was mostly dominated by men in the past.

A woman in animation works with other professionals to develop and format graphic motions. Such specialists use computer software to come up with designs. An ideal animator is someone good in IT and also interested in art.

women over man

Public policy specialist

Every organization must ensure that it works according to the expectations of the government and the general public. A public policy specialist’s main duty is to create and maintain a good and favorable public image for the organization that he or she represents. Women in public policy build and strengthen stakeholder relationships by participating and attending policy events and seminars. They have to communicate the role of public policy with both internal and external stakeholders in the firm.

Environmental consultant

Environmental conservation and best practices have been hot topics of discussion for decades now. Every business should ensure that it makes the world a better place through environmental conservation. 

An environmental consultant is a person who addresses environmental issues such as soil contamination, air quality, and water pollution, within an organization and beyond. Women have natural motherly instincts that suit this task. They always want their generations to grow in the best environment. The consultant helps the clients design and implement efficient environmental systems. Women are taking this career that was mostly dominated by men in the past.

Women now understand what it takes to select the right degrees as they understand that the professional space is evolving. There have been ongoing campaigns enticing women to join male-dominated careers, and we can see that they are taking the advice seriously. Entrepreneurs and business leaders are now coming into terms with the fact that it is the personal effort that matters and not the gender when it comes to some careers.

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