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7 Educational YouTube Channels for students

YouTube has been the best platform for entertainment as well as education. And it is available to everyone due to the virtue of internet. If this is used correctly, it can also be a very beautiful place to collect information from. In this particular article titled ‘ educational channels on YouTube for students‘, we have prepared a simple list of various channels. These channels will help you gain knowledge about various things. Watching them will surely increase your information. And it might as well aid you in your education. Right from science to history, these channels can provide videos on a diverse range of topics.

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The Ted franchise has been the best channel when it comes to providing information. This is because they provide a diverse range of videos from mathematics to self development. The channel Ted Ed deals with animated videos which will never fail to educate you. These channels has riddles, history facts, mythical stories and many more. And trust us when we say that this channel is very addictive. But at least the addiction will be to the right YouTube channels. Recently, they also started a series about coding. This is a series of episodes where they teach you the basics of coding in the most fun way. We urge you to check this channel as we know you will certainly enjoy it.

The Infographics Show

Facts are interesting, aren’t they? But just imagine if these facts are presented to you in form of an animated video with proper editing and voice dictation! More interesting right? The infographics show contains videos on various topics. They discuss military as well as topics about celebrities. In fact, this education YouTube channel is something that you must check every day. They upload new videos almost daily. So what is the harm In getting some new facts daily?

Half as Interesting

After discussing about some fascinating facts , how about a YouTube channel which talks about some mind blowing and astonishing events? This channel named Half as Interesting makes multiple videos about various events. Right from the best heists to the disappearance of some very important people, this channel also has a lot of diversity in its video. While discussing about this particular article titled ‘ educational channels on YouTube for students’, this is another great suggestion for the students.

Crash course

Are you very curious about learning multiple things? Do you think that this requires a lit of classes? Do you think that this is difficult or impossible? Well, that is the beauty of YouTube. Learning different courses is easy because of the educational channel named ‘ Crash Course’. There are multiple awesome and interesting courses in this one channel. The options swing from computer science to mythology. The students can also learn about film making and sociology. In fact, they have also few videos regarding topics pertaining to physics, anatomy and physiology, chemistry, biology and many more. The more you look into this channel, the more you will be surprised as to how much can be learned.

Asap Science

This channel is specifically for all science lovers. In fact, the science students might begin binge watching these channel. This educational YouTube channel has some of the most funny science parody songs. The students will not only enjoy these songs but will also be able to learn things faster. Their understanding of complex scientific theorems and principles will be made easy with the help of these videos. The fundamentals of science are explained in the most enticing manner in the videos put by this channel. It will certainly catch your attention when you see it at first.


The name of the channel says it all. This educational YouTube channel is for those students who possess an unadulterated form of love for the maths subject. This YouTube channel is full of interesting videos which try to teach new things about the number. These videos might be the simplest explanation anyone can ever give to you with respect to mathematics. The students will learn knew facts and tips and tricks. This is one of the most interesting educational channel students should watch.


This is another interesting YouTube channel. In this YouTube Channel, the students can find multiple videos about facts regarding multiple things. The most interesting fact videos are about space. In fact, due to the request from the comment section, he made 8 beautiful videos about the space. We believe that all space enthusiastic students should at least watch these videos. Most of the other videos are about facts about different things which are really astonishing to watch. The channel also has some interesting videos on certain most controversial events like disappear of D.B.Cooper or the dyaltov pass. This educational YouTube channel will keep you wondering after end of each video.

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