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7 importance of attending mock tests

To prepare for the exams, it is important to give mock tests as it helps the students learn from their mistakes. Mock tests are considered as practice exams before you appear for the final one. While you attempting these tests, they help boost your confidence and overcome mistakes.
A mock test is a test which is exactly similar to the main exam. Questions are in the same format and you need to solve it at the same time limit. Solving the mock test gives you a perfect idea about the final exam. It helps you to analyze yourself and see where you stand, how much you can score.
The importance of attending mock tests are mentioned below:

Time management

While taking up tests online, the time limit for the particular section appears on the same screen so that the candidate is aware of the time left to complete the test. If the student is unable to finish a particular section within the time limit, then it automatically moves to the next section. Hence, taking online test helps in managing time efficiently. Mock tests make students familiar with the style and scope of the question paper. Managing to finish the exam on time is really challenging. Mock tests help them with time management which, in itself, is half the work done.


Taking Risks (6)

Identifying topics that need attention

Doing mocks early enough in the year gives you time before the real thing to target areas that need improvement. Mock exam results can identify how best to spend the coming months for students. Once these areas are identified, it is then a case of putting in the hours. It is not enough to think about what you need to do better, it is the action and the doing that really makes a difference.

Being comfortable and confident enough to ask someone else for help, be it a teacher, parent, or carer, is a big part of having a growth mindset. Mock exams can be used as a way of getting students to feel comfortable receiving feedback, which paves the way for further improvement and learning.


Learn new techniques

While you are attempting these mock tests, they intend to help in learning some advanced techniques. That is the reason students sometimes find newer ways to apply basic concepts. Mock tests should be treated as actual tests. If a student is serious while sitting for the mock test, they will perform well in the actual exam as well. Each mock test that you attempt gives you an opportunity to learn. This tip tells you the importance of the mock tests.

Helps you with self assessment

After each test, students should spend the time to understand and analyze their mistakes. One needs to go through each and every section carefully to understand the same. A student attempting these tests should first try to work out each and every question in different ways and then look out for solutions. Through this kind of preparation, students can expect to improve their understanding of concepts and basics which could be applied in the final test. Self-assessment skill helps you to make you capable. This tip tells you the importance of the mock tests.



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Helps you to revise

The most common problem that students face during their exam preparation is that they start forgetting the earlier chapters once they proceed with their preparations. Mock Test papers are designed so that they cover almost every important topic of the syllabus. Hence, solving them will help students in getting a complete revision of the syllabus regularly. This will help them to retain all the learned chapters until the exam day. So, practice as many Mock Tests as you can to brush up all topics in a better way.

Helps you to understand your strengths & weakness

Once you are prepared for the upcoming exams, it is necessary to test your preparation level. It is always important to do a self-analysis of your preparedness. Appearing for Mock Tests can help you understand the level of your preparedness. You will be able to know the areas you are lagging in and where to put more effort. The candidate is given the chance to work on this problem and turn it into one of their strengths. After taking several mock tests, the student is in a position to work on his weaknesses and to chalk out a plan to overcome them.

Mock tests are arranged to give students a feel of the real exam. For most of the students about to take a major exam for the first time in their lives, mock tests provide a trial run. Being placed in the same situation and feeling the same amount of pressure before the actual competitive exam will inculcate some self-analytical capacity and confidence in the student. In fact, Mock Test helps in reducing pre-exam nervousness, as the candidate has already appeared for a version of the exam before, on the final day he will be more relaxed.

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