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7 Reasons BCA Students Need Career Counseling

Counselling is required in every field as we humans have a nature to get confused and stressed, by getting a proper help we can do much better. Students who have opted for BCA i.e. Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) students as their career path also need counselling at some point in their lives. BCA is a course of three years in India and after BCA students can opt for MCA i.e. Master of Computer Application or any other course of work they like. Students have many confusions and questions which may not be answered by their parents or teachers, professional help is always good in the time of confusion. A student is confused at various phases in their life: when are selecting the field, during the study, and after completion of the degree. Here we will discuss in brief about the queries which are generally seen in a BCA student need career counselling for which they might need professional help.

BCA  career counselling

Confused about the choice

Many students while persuing the degree have thoughts that they opted for this particular course because of the parental or societal pressure and this may be the reason behind their poor performance. Many times students have to prove that they are actually interested in the course and are not doing it just for the sake of a degree. During such self-doubts, it is advised to talk with parents and close friends as they know us better than anyone, but many students who are shy and may happen to have a strict family may not be able to discuss the issue with the loved ones need a third honest opinion which they can get from a career counsellor. A career counsellor can help the student identify their actual interest and can clear doubts after counselling sessions. 

Good Colleges and competition

Students have doubts about the college they should get in or the college they are in. During the selection process there are many colleges available and to select a single college which is best in every aspect is difficult but important too, as it will define the next 3 years of the students’ life, many students make mistake by selecting the wrong college due to lack of knowledge and experience, professional help is good during such situations. Many students who are pursuing the degree feel that they are not in a good college and get disturbed and many feel that there is a high competition out in the domain and get stressed. Due to these doubts, students are not able to perform well in their academics as they are distracted and stressed, this is a clear situation of professional help.

Future plans

Students are confused about what they want to pursue in the future as there are many options like a master’s degree, in the same country or abroad, to take a job, to prepare for competitive exams, etc. Students after completion of BCA may time loose interest in the branch and want to pursue a different thing like management, non-academic field, etc. Parents are many times unable to guide the child about what they should opt for. Career counsellors are updated about the day to day advancements in every field and can guide the student about the alternatives and risks they will have in the future. 

BCA students career counselling

Lack of internships and jobs

Nowadays every street has one college open and due to this competition have increased. The requirement is very less and students graduating are very high in number. Every year a large number of employees are fired due to recession and under such stressful situations, students and parents lose their calm. Career counsellors can guide about the jobs and other alternatives as they are aware of the latest market scenario. It happens so that we are not aware of the latest market advancements and may end up selecting something wrong or losing the opportunity in hand. 

Move out of the country

This is the most common doubt all BCA students have as there is a very large scope in foreign countries like Canada, Germany, etc. Students are confused about whether they should go abroad or they should stay in India and do a job or pursue a master’s degree. Many students may not be able to afford the financial expense and get caught in the debt in the greed of going abroad and some students miss the chance as they were too shy to go. A counsellor can examine the situation and suggest what could be the most suitable option. 

Scope after BCA

Many students out of interest select to pursue BCA but are not well aware of the future possibilities and scope of the field. After completion of the course, students are confused about what they should do and they should continue, a career counsellor can solve all such issues regarding the future possibilities and scope of BCA and can guide the student through. 

BCA students need career counselling

How to pursue in future

After completion of the course students who are aware of what to do are many times confused with how to achieve their goal, this is maybe due to lack of knowledge and awareness or lack of resources and connection or due to lack of exposure. A career counsellor can help guide the student by laying all the open opportunities and possibilities. 

At the end I would say, to go a career counsellor is nothing to be ashamed of and if any student is confused and feels that they have a dead end in their career they must go to a counsellor, counsellors are there just to help you without any judgments and they are people with the knowledge you require to excel in your path. From this article, you will get a brief knowledge about the queries which are generally seen in a BCA student need career counselling for which they might need professional help


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