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7 reasons for working professional to work in Microsoft

Everyone has heard of Microsoft. It is one of the most well-known companies in the whole world. It is a possibility that many of you would be reading this article on a Windows-based computer or laptop system. With Bill Gates being the founder, the company has touched many mountains. It is a privilege to work for Microsoft as it provides many benefits to its employees. The average salary of a Microsoft working professional is 15.67 Lakh rupees per annum. The offices of Microsoft are luxurious and have great infrastructure. Many working professionals have this confusion that whether they should even apply for Microsoft or not. Therefore, we here, at careerguide.com, are going to list a few reasons why a working professional should work for Microsoft. The following are the reasons:

Easily Changeable Projects

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One thing which makes Microsoft such a good company to work for is that they have changeable projects. You can change the given project in mid-way if you are not liking it or are not interested in that project. For example, if you working on a project of Excel and you are not having any creative ideas on that or you are not interested in that topic then you can simply ask your superiors to change your uncompleted project and they will change the project for you without any questions. This makes a working professional interested in a job in Microsoft as they have work freedom

Parental Leave

Retention and diversity: Why you should create a paid parental ...

Microsoft cares about you and your family so they provide multiple benefits to you. They provide parental leave to their employees. The father gets a paid parental leave of 12 weeks. The mother gets a paid maternal leave for 20 weeks. Even if you have adopted or have your baby surrogated, they allow the same number of leaves to the parents. They understand that you need to spend time with your newborn and you have to take care of them. It is very crucial. They understand your condition and help you.

Life Balance

You can have a perfect work-life balance if you work in Microsoft. They provide flexible work hours to you so that you won’t feel pressured. There are other benefits too that will help you maintain the life balance such as they can wave off your 50% work for some time if you are not feeling comfortable or healthy or just not creative enough. They will literally transfer half of your work to someone else. It also provide Paid off days to study further in their fields. They can be really understandable about your ahead career.


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Microsoft cares about your health. So, they provide health insurance to all their employees. They provide such benefits to all their employees in spite of their position. It also, provide dental assurances and pay for their dental treatments too. They think about your health and want you to be healthy and working.

Multiple Leaves

Microsoft provides its employees with advance leaves. They provide 15 days of paid vacation leaves per annum. It also provides 10 days of sick leaves fully paid per annum. They also provide paid business trips to their employees. The productivity of a working professional is everything, therefore they care a lot about it. 

Care for family

As Microsoft cares for you, they also care about your family and your relations. They know that if someone on one’s family can get sick and it can put a load on one’s mind and productivity. So, they provide 4 weeks off to them that are fully paid. In those 4 weeks, the working employee can look after the sick person and stay with them. It is a nice thing to do on their behalf. As a company, it is a great benefit that they can give. It shows that how much they care about you and your family. It also shows that they give preference to productivity, creativeness and relations instead of work.


A great thing about working in Microsoft is that you get to work with a lot of smart and intelligent people. You gain a load of experience by working in Microsoft. You will become a working professional if you are not if you work in Microsoft. It looks very good and promising on your resume that you have worked for Microsoft. You career will take an uplift after or during working in Microsoft. It is a great work experience too. You will get professional official environment while working for Microsoft. If a working professional work for Microsoft it is a win-win situation.   

So above are the most important reasons aside salary that a working professional should be working for Microsoft. Hope that it was of some help. Best of luck!!!

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