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7 Science Fiction movies on Prime for science students

Science fiction movies are a perfect escape from the chains of reality. And if looked carefully, there could be a source of motivation and innovation. In fact, specially for science student, these Science fiction movies can be entertaining as well as encouraging . Hence, we at CareerGuide.com have made a special list for science students. This list consists of some of the most awesome science fiction movies on Amazon Prime. Watch these movies if you are tired of studying and want to take a break but still be in the realms of science.


We think Christopher Nolan is an absolute genius when it comes to directing movies in the genre of science fiction. Inception is that movie that will grasp all of your attention. For being in the world where dreams can be influenced easily, what is the difference between reality and dream? The fun fact about this movie is the ending. The ending if this movie is still debated by fans. So why don’t you watch and tell us what is the ending according to you?

Science fiction movies on prime


This movie needs an entire concept map to understand the scenes happening in the film. The idea of this film revolves around the life of an astronaut. This astronaut leaves his daughter behind on earth to venture into the space. Their aim is to find a habitual planet like earth as our planet is counting its last few days. Very few movies could have explained the fundamentals of time and space like this movie did. We are sure that Science students won’t be able to stop themselves from re watching this film.

Movies for science students

World war Z

Given the situation we are facing, we all know the adversities a pandemic can bring. But, this movie makes our nightmare come true. Instead of a deadly organism, the earth is now in the clutches of zombies! To tackle this problem and solve this , the protagonist desperately tries to find a cure. Will he succeed in his task? Or will the earth be devoid of human race and be controlled by bloodlust zombies? The answers lie in this movie. We recommend this movie particularly for the students because it goes to prove that science can find answers to all problems.

Zombie apocalypse


We would quote the dialogue from the movie to give you a subtle idea about it – ‘ what is humans could use 100 percent of their brain?’. Yes, that is the idea of the movie. In this movie, the actress is no other than the most talented Scarlett Johansson. The actress is forced to struggle drugs which are put surgically in her stomach. But, unfortunately or maybe fortunately, the pack of drugs break in her abdomen. She consumes the entire amount of drug and her brain becomes hyperactive. We certainly feel that this is one of the most intriguing science fiction movie on prime. If you want to be aware of the mysterious power of the brain, this is the movie you need to watch.

Science students, Scarlett Johansson


We think everyone can argue when we say that space is the most enticing thing in the entire universe. This also might be the reason why so many movies and series are directed at space and its mystery. This one is a movie that will keep you at the end of your seat. The story goes to talk about astronauts who get trapped in the space after their space shuttle gets damaged and blasts off. This science fiction movie is particularly known for its amazing graphics. Also, the movie is well directed. In fact, even difficult concepts are easily expressed and we believe students will enjoy this particular film.

Amazon prime , science fiction movies


While talking about science fiction movies on prime, it is impossible to talk about this masterpiece. We think that Matrix is the god of all science fiction movies out there. In fact, this movie was very ahead of its time. The concept of the movie is simple. It believes that our world is run by certain rules. And surprisingly, the ones who control this rules are not human. Instead, they happen to be robots who want to establish their supremacy over the human race. For all the science students who aspire to take career in information technology or computer science, this is the perfect movie for you. Maybe, just maybe, this movie might be a prediction of our future!


Minority Report

Crimes are the result of obnoxious intentions of the mankind. We all understand that criminals should be punished. They should be held guilty for their actions. But this science fiction movie proposes the idea – what if we can catch the criminals before they commit crime? Shocking, isn’t it? This changes the entire set of rules we use to punish criminal. The protagonist in this movie tries his best to avoid crime by catching the criminals before they commit the crime. How does he do that? What does he use to predict the crime? Does he get successful? Well, to find answers to these questions, we recommend students to watch this movie.

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