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7 Scope of BBA after the 12th class

In this article, we will discuss some of the most sought after career scopes of BBA after class 12th. These are some of the most popular career options chosen by the commerce students after their class 12th. 7 SCOPE OF BBA AFTER CLASS 12TH. BBA, also known as the Bachelor of Business Administration, is one of the most sought after courses for those who are into business fields. Mainly, the students, who pass their class 12th under the commerce stream, go for BBA. There are different job opportunities and a wide scope of career opportunities in this particular field. Whether it is the entrepreneurship or the role of Insurance, one can choose anything from this diverse field. Therefore, let us look at some of the career scopes of BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration after class 12th which can provide you with great career options out there.



This is one of the scopes of BBA. Entrepreneurship is nothing but also about the start-up ideas and the level of motivation to build a whole world of your own with full of creativity and  as well as dedication. So, if you think that you have the skills to be an entrepreneur, then this field is for you. What you need to have is strong motivation with an out of the box strategy which can lead you to great heights of the success.

Accounts Manager

The role of an Accounts Manager is to manage the relationship between the company and the clients. An accounts manager looks after the strong maintenance of relationships between two parties and ensures the growth of business with a much wider scope in itself. So, if you think that you have the skills to manage the relationships between the two parties and have influential skills, then this field is for you. You can do well in this field after class 12th if you think you have the influential characteristics and can boost up the business with your influencing nature.


HR Manager

Human Resources Manager, also known as HR Manager, known as HR Manager, in short, is one such position that requires a whole set of skills and a good level of management quality. The role of an HR Manager is to maintain effective management in a company. The role of the manager is to make sure that things are organized in such a manner that it not only boosts up the business growth but also the new ways of major scopes of growth that can take place. It looks after the increase of the economy and the working progress of the employees and tries to manage the overall working of the company by making sure that their productivity does not turn to a piece of a burden. Therefore, if you think you have the skills to manage these complex structures, then this field is for you to go.

Marketing Manager

One course, which is widely opted by the students in this field, is that of the marketing manager. A major chunk of the commerce students goes for BBA after class 12th because they seek to find good career opportunities in the Marketing field which makes it one of the most popular fields to have after pursuing the BBA course. The role of a Marketing Manager is to make sure that the sales and the services of a company do not decline under situations and can overcome the difficulties which come in the path. So, if you think, you have the skills to manage the marketing relationships, then this field will suit you well.

scope in BBA

Tourism Management

This is a diverse field where people from all walks of life join. However, this field requires specifications as well. The management of tourism activities brings a lot of challenges. Whether it is the management of expenditure or to boost up the sales of the products and services, the tourism management job requires a witty mind. So, if you think that you have the skills to manage the internal proceedings in the traveling world, then this field can be chosen by you.


Consultancy is a very general term that is often captivated by the fact that there is very limited scope to the area. Indeed, there are many branches that one can opt for after going through the required path. Therefore, it is not to mention that the students after class 12th opt for the consultancy branches. One main reason behind that is that every institution is in dire need of a consultant to provide them with the best suggestions and maintain the increasing standard of the company.

scope in BBA

So, if you think you have creative and unique ideas, you can go for the consultancy participation. BBA after class 12th can provide you the necessary road for that. However, one thing on which consultancy is solely based is that the consultants, regardless of the branch, always need to look for the combination of the smart and hard work that ensures the constant exponential growth of an institution.

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