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7 Tips for 11th to focus on studies

After achieving the 1st milestone, i.e. after clearing your 10th standard with flying colours, you all have reached your colleges days. By choosing different fields each one of you has entered in class 11th. Here the journey towards your dreams begin & even though as it was before. Your entry into a new world, new classrooms, new teachers & most importantly new field; with a lot of excitement you begin your journey. You have already decided on your destination where your journey should end. To achieve your goals one should be focused on studies to transform your dreams into reality. “It’s never too late to focus on your dreams”. But it is necessary for you all to begin your hard word right from the first day. Here are the tips to stay focused on studies in class 11th.

study focus

Find a suitable environment

The study environment is necessary, to focus on studies in 11th. A healthy environment with all the positive vibes keeps the students motivated, active mindset & helps them to concentrate. Some students are able to focus on studies when they are seated in the silence of the library while some need the nosy- busy coffee shop. Study environment depends on the student & their mindset. Some are able to study in the classroom while some at their homes on their own study table. Hence it is necessary for students to choose a study environment to help them to focus on their studies in 11th. Comfortable seating is necessary as it increases energy levels, confidence & enhances your mood. Hence students should find a suitable environment where they can study with full of enthusiasm & concentration.

Focus on skills, not grades

Chasing grades is much easier than improving skills. Most of the students keep on chasing the grades, instead of skills. Grades are an important part of the academics but being skilled is very important as the talented & skilled people are chosen for jobs in every field nowadays. Students should focus on their skills of learning which will earn the highest grades. Remember learning is important than grades. Focusing on your skills helps you to build confidence, improve your knowledge & creative thinking. Skills help students to improve their learning techniques.

focus on studies

Use memory aids

Recalling answers during exams is very important, otherwise, you won’t be able to write the answers. Memory plays a vital role in remembering the answers. Meditation helps you to increase your concentration & memory power. Use flashcards which will help to remember your answers very easily. Create notes in your own words, create Nano notes, prepare short bulletin points of the long answers. These will help to remember your answers very easily. These are the tools which will aid your memory power. Try teaching others which will make your concepts clear & you will be well known with the topics.

Stay motivated

Walt Disney has said, “ All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”. Everyone has they’re an idol whom they follow to reach up to that platform where their role models are shining. Learn from their stories & keep motivating yourself. Motivational is the key which pushes your forward even in difficult times to fulfil your dreams. Try motivating yourself every day. Paste the motivational quotes, your dreams are written on a page around your study room; which will keep motivating you to move towards your dreams. There are numerous sources which can motivate you- your parents, teachers, motivational speeches on the internet etc. Best way to be motivated is to be self-motivated.

focus on studies in 11th

Track your progress

All of us make time tables & try to follow them. Scheduling your day-to-day routine is important but most important is to track your own progress. Time tables help you to track your progress, as it keeps you updated with your daily short term goals as well as long term goals. Tracking your progress helps you in time management & you identify when you have achieved something worthwhile.

Stay focused on your priorities

Students first priority must be to achieve their goals. Always focus on your priorities, which is a leading path towards your dreams. To stay focused you should keep a diary notes with your study goals & priorities; frequently go through it. Self-help is the best help. No one here is there to help you, you should be dependent on yourself, not others. Avoid distraction, keep yourself away from social media, electronic games & tv. Play outdoor/indoor games which keep your mind fresh & brings positive thoughts & also creates a healthy environment.

focus on studies in 11th


As all of know, “ Practice makes a man perfect”, keep practising, never be tired of repeating the same things. Don’t be languor, keep practising which will clear your concepts & help you in better learning.

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