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7 Tips for self-improvement after 11th

The 12th class is very important in every student’s life, as it is the turning point of our lives. After 11th the schedule turns out to be very hectic where balancing day-to-day routines become difficult. We always forget that we are growing mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually. Hence it is essential for us to go through personal development & growth to maintain happiness, peace of mind & remain motivated. The best investment you can make is in yourself. Self-improvements mean knowing one’s knowledge, status, or character by one’s own effort. Self-improvement develops skills & discipline. Here are some tips on self-improvement after the 11th class which will help you to make your successful life


Eat the frog

No, no, not literally meaning to eat a frog. “eat the frog” is a phrase which means to do the hardest task. Self-improvement is not an easy task to go with. A student’s move to 12th class they have to face many challenging tasks, like running between the tuitions & schools, board exams & competitive exams, etc. Learn to cope up with the changes. Never be afraid of changes & challenges. Try solving the problems in the early days, don’t stock up your problems or just don’t push it for the next day. Complete your to-do list task on the day itself, instead of pushing it for the next day.

Be attentive in class

Attending school is very crucial these days. Most of the doubts & concepts are cleared in the class itself. If you are regular to class, you will be having your own running notes & you won’t need to take any extra efforts in preparing your own notes. Being attentive in class improves your listening skills, as you learn to listen, to understand not to just answer. It helps you to train your mind to concentrate.

Divide time efficiently

Learning to manage is very essential. Divide your time efficiently between school & tuitions. Create a proper schedule, with a proper interval of breaks. Learn to deal with your stress wisely, have a walk-in fresh air, and play games while you take a break or listen to music. Give equal time to all subjects, as all the subjects are important. This tip helps you with the self-improvement after the 11th class.

self-improvement after 11th

Inspiration room

Push yourself, because no one else is going do it for you. Stick inspirational quotes around your room or study table, which will keep you inspiriting. Keep on self-motivating. Dreams won’t be achieved in your comfort zone. You have to move out of your comfort zone to make your dreams come true. Stay patient & trust your journey. Always have faith in your hard work. Ask your parents, teachers to motivate you or listen to motivational speeches with will inspire your soul to achieve your dreams. One the best inspirational lines which you can say to yourself are, “I’m the best & I can overcome all the difficult task”.

Read articles

Reading is one of the best habits you can adopt. Read the articles which give you tips on how to study, how to deal with challenges & keep motivating you. Don’t always read the success stories, as they will only give morals. Do read failure stories also, as they teach you how to deal with stress & how can you face challenges. Reading articles will also help you to improve your reading skills & fluency in the language you opt to read. It also helps you to improve your thinking ability & increase your understanding capabilities. This tip helps you with the self-improvement after the 11th class.

Meditate & exercise

Meditation is a powerful & natural treatment to deal with stress. It also improves your health, your immune system & brings calmness t your mind. Meditation increases your concentration capacities, enhances self-awareness & generates kindness in you.

Regular exercise boost your endurance, improvement in your mood swings & also boosts your mental health. As all of us know health is wealth, if you are fit you will be able to attend your class regularly, you will be able to concentrate properly & also boosts your energy levels. Exercise helps you to improve your memory & increase your cognitive performance.

self-improvement after 11th

Compete with yourself

A flower always blooms beautiful, because it competes with itself. Try not to compete with others, as it may lead you down. You might develop the feeling of a looser. Try to compete with yourself, make yourself better than you were yesterday. If you continuously compete with others you become bitter, but if you compete with yourself you become better. The only person you want to be better than is the person that you were yesterday.

Hope you all the best tips for yourself improvement. Excellence is not a destination, it is a continuous journey that never ends.


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