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7 Tips to crack BITSAT entrance exam after 12th

BITSAT stands for Birla Institute of Technology & Science Admission Test. It’s popularly known as BITS Admission Test. It’s a computer-based examination. Knowledge required for this examination is not only full filled by NCERT books. You need to keep on reading different books for a different subject. Duration of examination is for 3 hours & it carries 450 total marks. Marking scheme as per each subject is:
BITSAT is moreover of a speed test like JEE examination. The level of BITSAT is below the JEE MAINS & most of the paper consist of 12th standard topics. The best guidance you will get here, @careerguide.com. Here are some tips to crack the BITSAT entrance exam after 12th.

BITSAT entrance exam after 12th


Make your own time table according to your comfort. Everyone tries to bind themselves with the time, i.e. students try to complete the lessons/topics in the fixed time; this is the misconception of the students.
For example: if you are trying to complete a lesson of 10-15 pages in 1 hour, you will end up just reading the lesson not understanding it. Hence, try to make a time table regarding your length of topics & how much you remember about the topics. For example: try to complete a lesson/topic in 2-3 days depending on the length of topics/lessons importantly your capacity. Don’t stick with only one subject the whole day; go with 2-3 subjects a day.

Take breaks

Breaks are very essential for refreshing yourself mentally & physically. Take small breaks when you are switching between the subjects, this will help you to concentrate on the subject properly. Beware the small breaks doesn’t exceed to long ones, will make you lose interest in studies or you might feel bored to get back to studies. Take 2-3 long breaks of 30-45 minutes a day, which includes your lunch, short nap & dinner. Small breaks must include small walks, have your dishes and have tea/coffee.

tips to BITSAT entrance exam

Create nano notes

Making your notes is an important part of the self-study. Notes mean to create your own tricks to remember the answers in a quick & easy way. Few students are good at creating their own notes while most of them are dependent on others. Don’t be dependent on other notes, try to create your own notes, in short, & simpler way. You have long paragraphs or long answers, which are sometimes difficult to remember; hence create bulletins which are just of a single line or few words. For example in Physics – make a list of formulas & laws of motion, thermodynamics etc & paste/hang then in such place where it is often visible to you. Mark out the main points in of the topics. This tip will help you to crack the BITSAT entrance exam after 12th.

Practice previous years question papers

Try to solve as many as question papers possible. You will gain insight into the type of questions asked in the exams. You will understand the format & pattern of sets of the question paper. You will get to know to most likely asked questions. Moreover, you will get a quick revision. It will build your confidence & help you with time management. You will be aware of the weightage of marks assigned for each topic. Sometimes it’s like a lottery if you get repeated questions. So never ever think previous year’s paper to waste. By solving papers you are self-evaluating, which builds confidence.

BITSAT entrance exam

Plan your exam strategy

Look out through the slots of examinations–morning slots & afternoon slots. Do practice your question papers in these slot timings. As the morning slots are very easy to attend as everyone is habituated to it. Then the most important are the afternoon slots because these slots timings are always after lunch & you all know after lunch everyone is drowsy. Hence practice during these hours is most essential. The key is in not spending time, but in investing it. This tip will help you to crack the BITSAT entrance exam after 12th.

Study during early hours of the day; not at odd times

Early morning you get fresh air & the amount of oxygen in the air is also high, hence the blood circulated to the brain is rich in oxygen. The brain cells are most active during this period. Self-studies during this period are more helpful as your grasping power is at its high. Difficult topics studied at this period helps you to better understand them. Odd times means sleeping hours. During sleepy hours brain cells are almost tired & hence require rest & you re sleepy. Everything bounces above your head. Hence avoid studying during odd times. Don’t disturb your sleep cycle, sleep well.

BITSAT entrance exam after 12th

Practice makes a man perfect

Last but not the least, “PRACTISE MAKES MAN PERFECT”. Once you have done with learning, just don’t leave the topic/lesson & move forward, instead, keep on revising the topics as many times you can do. Don’t be languor, keep on practising which will make more perfect & it will easy for you to revise the day before your exams. Just don’t try to mug up answers, try to learn the main concepts which will make your learning easier. This tip will help you to crack the BITSAT entrance exam after 12th.

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