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Be a good listener

A good listener has many advantages, when a good listener listen with all the concentration then they understand that properly and after listening properly they apply it at perfect place where it needs to be applied. If sometimes they forget something they use their presence of mind and think what they have listened properly and they recall that. This activity helps them to learn easily and it helps them to store the content in their brain. So that they can recall those things at the time when they needed and most importantly being a good listener helps a person in their exams they can easily recall what they have listened in their lectures and what they have learnt after listening.

Make notes of every topic

If students want to score good marks in every semester. They need to make notes of every topic they read or learn it is also connected with a good listener as a person is a good listener they listen every topic and every point of that topic and they note it and noting every point is very helpful for them as anything could come in question paper from the given syllabus. The person, who hear every topic and every point of it properly they can make perfect notes of every topic. The benefit of noting is that if they forget any of the point from their syllabus after finishing that, then at the time of exams they can revise it from their notes at that time they won’t miss any of the point from their topic. They can revise it and score good marks on behalf of it. It is very important point for scoring good marks in every exam.

Take Proper sleep and rest

A person must be calm and cool then only he/she can study properly. Taking proper sleep relax every person’s mind and it helps them to study properly. After taking proper nap you should wake up early and learn what you read it will help you to store every word in your mind and helps you to learn everything perfectly. After taking a good sleep you should do yoga for relaxing your mind and it will increase your concentration level and helps you to be a peaceful person. Mind relaxation is most important activity for learning. Your sleep schedule must be perfect. If you sleep on time and wake up on time then your brain will work properly and your body too!! And it will help you to grab things perfectly. So that you can learn it and apply your perfect knowledge in your exams.

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Solve previous year question papers

Previous year question paper are very helpful for attempting further exams as any question can come in further exams from previous year question papers, they are noted as important questions. They must be learned and practiced properly. So that any of the questions from previous question papers comes in exam then they can attempt it very easily and can solve it without any fear. Previous year question papers are also available in the market in the form of book. You can easily prepare from that and score good marks in your exams.

Read the papers and books suggested by teachers

Every student must follow the path shown by their teachers. As their teachers provide them good stuff for reading and learning for exams such as notes, papers, books, websites and etc. when students start learning what their teacher told them to learn then they can score brilliant marks in their examination. Every student must prepare from the papers or books given by their teachers and read each and every question from them properly. So that, it get stored in their brains and it will help them at the time of their exams. They will apply their knowledge in their exam about what they have read from the topic provided by their teacher and it will be very helpful for them because of this point they can score good marks and can be an excellent student among all the students.

Work on your weak points

It is very important for scoring good marks work on your weak points. As every person know what actually their weak points are and they must recover it soon with lots or practicing and revising all the topics. If then won’t recover it soon they will face problem at the time of their examination. Weak points need to be recovered as they can be a negative point for attempting and scoring good marks in exams. Weak points are the walls between a student and good marks who want to be a topper of their semester. It can be very helpful in scoring good marks.

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Use videos to enhance your learning and understanding

Sometime videos are very helpful in understanding things properly as they teach us practically what we couldn’t understand at the time of learning theoretically. Videos are made for the once who don’t understand what they are learning. YOUTUBE videos are made they have pictures, animations, graphs, charts, and themes. While learning from them makes it easy to grab things as picture based concept stick into our head as it is eye catching and interesting it provides knowledge and helps every student to score good marks.

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