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7 Tips to learn map in 12th Geography

In this article, we will discuss some tips and tricks to learn maps in class 12th Geography easily. 7 TIPS AND TRICKS TO LEARN MAP NAVIGATION FOR CLASS 12th GEOGRAPHY. Geography is a tough subject to learn in class 12th. It is interesting yet difficult. Class 12th Geography is divided into two parts. The students find it difficult to secure a good margin of marks in class 12th examination of this subject. The major reason or you can say the point of difficulty which comes in their way is the problem of studying and memorizing maps. Maps form a big part in class 12th geography books and what you can do is to memorize all the parts in a smarter way so that you can retain the information for a longer time period. So, we will discuss some of the tips and tricks below to learn the maps of class 12th geography conveniently and in a faster period of time.

Divide and Conquer

‘Divide and Conquer’ is the first and foremost strategy for you to learn the maps easily. Under this strategy, you need to divide the world based on the continents, i.e., in 7 parts. After dividing, you need to look closely into the continents one by one so that you can look into the details of each continent. This strategy is not only useful for class 12th students, but also for those who are preparing for the Civil Services Examination, also known as CSE.

Baby steps in each division

    ‘Divide and Conquer’strategy, you need to take baby steps, i.e., one step at a time. Since even one continent holds such vast features that you need to learn theoretically as well as through maps, you need to look very keenly into each and every detail with a complete focus. So, if you focus the details one by one, you will be able to learn the concept more easily. For instance, class 12th geography includes one chapter under the heading ‘Minerals’. So, in that chapter, if you try to learn the coal and iron ore deposits together, you will get confused. However, if you try to learn them separately, you will be able to grasp it completely.

Pen it down

It is not to mention that Practice makes a man perfect. So, if you want to memorize the concept for a long time, you need to pass through one road which is the practice road. After you memorize the concept, you need to pen it down in your own words, as per your understanding and convenience because if you copy the exact bookish language, you will not be able to retain it for a long time as it will come under the basics of cramming. So, you need to learn the maps through practice and there is no other way out to learn the maps for a long time.

Play with yourself

    There are times when you get bored while studying theory subjects for a long time. Geography is a subject that is based on the facts and the theory, in short, factual theory. So, why not play with yourself as you get bored with long relentless hours of studying theory? Try to play a questionnaire game with yourself and as a reward for passing the criteria, give yourself a break. However, if you find yourself unable to pass the criteria that you marked, revise again start this game again. This method is indeed very useful in learning the map easily without getting stressed out.


Rainbow colours


class 12th geography includes a lot of map work along with the theory. So, another trick to learn the maps easily is to mark different features with different colours on the map so that you find the maps more interesting to learn. For instance, if you are asked to learn the types of soil in different states, you can assign each colour to each colour. Let’s say you chose yellow for loamy soil and green for alluvial soil. So, you can mark the states with different colours which makes the content easier to learn.


Maintain current connection

If you find that you are good at the current affairs topic, you can use this tip to learn the maps of class 12th geography. For instance, the corona pandemic, popularly known as COVID-19, is spreading all over the world. So, you can mark the states and countries with red color which are suffering more whereas the places with green which are the least suffering. This helps you to get a rough graph of the countries and continents. If you are trying to relate to the current affairs topic, you will be able to learn the places more easily as well as remain updated with the current affairs.

Chronology is a must

    This must know the trick is a kind of secret ingredient to your hard work success rate which most of the students forget to follow and thus end up pushing this subject under the tough topic or subject category. Chronology is a must to maintain. For instance, if you try to learn the Indian states like first is Jammu and Kashmir at the top, then the Delhi, which is the main part, then the Maharashtra region and so on, you will not be able to learn the maps perfectly. However, if you start learning chronologically, like, J&K, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, and so on, you will be able to memorize the concept easily and then the next time onwards, whenever you will hear the name of the state, the maps will strike in your mind.  


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