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7 Tricks for easily learning concepts in class 10th

Often, students have a hard time when learning easy concepts and many times choose to take the highway and mug it up. They learn answers and solutions word to word and mimic it like a parrot during their exams. They feel the need to do this because they think an answer, exactly as the textbook or notes will give them more chances of scoring well. What they fail to understand is, if a question is slightly changed, they would not know what to do. Here’s are 7 tricks for easily learning concepts in class 10th.

Hence, it is important to understand the concepts so you can solve any question you want to with a guarantee that it will be right. Furthermore, you will not fear to forget the answers in the middle of the exam since the brain retains more information when it knows what we studied. It is also extremely beneficial for scoring well in the future. In this article, we will mention a few tricks so you can understand the learning concepts easily.  

Use your own words

You do not have to use the same words that your teacher did, you do not have to use the words your textbook has, feel free to use any words in your notes that help you understand better. In the end, you are the one who has to study those; so use words that make sense to you, words you are more comfortable with, any words as long as the concept makes sense. When your brain reads familiar words to understand the topic, it will concentrate and learn more effectively.

Read NCERT books

There is a reason why NCERT books are prescribed as the standard curriculum for CBSE, it is because CBSE has always focused more on concepts rather than exam learning. NCERT books are easy and simple to understand, with questions and examples and small, fun activities to engage in relation to your lessons. This will help students in the longer term too as usually, NCERT books are more than enough to secure a good rank in competitive exams like JEE and NEET. If you start familiarizing yourself with NCERT books from 10th itself, you will have it easier when preparing for competitive exams in the future. You can also read out 10 Recommended Books For Every Class 10 Students

Try your best to understand

Do not give up easily, find the motivation to try and understand each and every word and how it contributes to the big picture. If you lose hope and think it is better to by-heart it then you face the danger of forgetting it all the next day. If you do not understand certain words or their meanings, look it up online or sit with a dictionary so you can know in which context the word was used. Unless you do not put the effort in to understand, nothing can be achieved.


To gain knowledge while practicing, you must clear the previous step first. Trying to solve Trigonometry problems without understanding the Pythagorean theorem is an absolute waste of time and energy. You should know what the theorem speaks about and how it is related to trigonometry and learn all the formulas before you start practicing. Constantly looking into the notes or textbook for solutions while practicing is as good as no practice at all. You can also check out the 8 Ways To Prepare For Class 10 Exam

Connect to real life

When you know how your lessons are connected to real life, it will be a lot easier to learn it knowing that these are the things you do or use in everyday life. Whether it is using soap and shampoo or applying the laws of physics for moving your furniture around or watching the current news and relating it to social sciences. Knowledge outside of the textbook will help you draw inspiration from the real world, and you will somehow be more willing to learn.

Use visual or Audio aid

NCERT books are very engaging because of the numerous pictures and examples that are used. But studies prove that children find it easier to grab concepts when they listen or watch videos of those concepts. Many online platforms such as YouTube, Meritnation, Khan Academy, Byjus have interactive content that makes use of audio, diagrams, charts, and drawings to make it as interesting and interactive for students as they possibly can. When you watch these videos, your brain will retain information from it, more than it does from a regular textbook or class notes as motion renders the brain more effective in recalling. 

Have curiosity

By this point, we may all know that without the passion to learn and educate yourself, all efforts go in vain. If you study just for the sake of exams and not for gaining knowledge, then you are putting your time and your parents’ money to waste. Exams will only get you so far, but knowledge will last you a lifetime, so have the enthusiasm to learn new things and apply them to your real life.

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