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7 Unconventional career options after 12th

Unconventional career options are the type of career which are not recognized as “real” careers in the eyes of the society. It is a type of career which people don’t conform to in our society. There are 7 unconventional career options which students can opt for after 12th. So, there are some unconventional career options mentioned below. Here is article on 7 Unconventional career options after Class 12th

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In the world of technology, students can work as a blogger if they are passionate about writing and want to voice out their thoughts. This is a type of work where you are the boss of your own, you have flexible work hours or basically when ever you want to work, you can! It’s honestly an amazing way to enter the industrial world as well. Students have a great future in the field of blogging, they can work as a health and fitness blogger, travel blogger, school or college blogger, Food Blogger, Fashion Blogger or even DIY blogger. So, blogging is a very popular career choice now a days.

Location Scout-

This job is one of the most thrilling and adventurous career options. Location Scouts are the people who are appointed to look for a particular movie location for their movie set or even to look for set location for their serial. They keep looking out for the perfect location for their films. The job is all about traveling and searching for locations. The job of a location scout is also to negotiate a prefect price to shoot their movie or series in a particular spot. They also have to have a unique eye, and amazing taste of view. The salary of a location scout is from about INR 2 Lakhs to INR 6 Lakhs.

Professional Closet Organizer-

Being a professional closet organizer, you obviously need to have keen sense of organizing. You need to be apt, have good sense of fashion, understand all the accessories and different type of clothes, they should also have great sense color combinations they can organize in an aesthetic manner as well. This job is quite easy and not so handful, you can start this job by making your own website as well. Professional Closet Organizers help the society in lots of ways, even though they are not considered as a real career opportunist. Professional Closet Organizer earn a salary of minimum INR 4000 to INR 8000.

Theater Electrician-

Theater electrician as the name represents is an electrician how works around the theater. They are the people to work in the theater to ensure the safety of all the crew member, staff and even the audience. The work with the lightings and audio tracks. They make sure that on the day of the shoot or play all the power supplies are perfectly operated and safely connected. They make the place in daily check and make sure there are no errors or mistakes going to take place. Theater electricians are an important part in the process of movie or serial making or even a play in the process. Theater electrician earn a minimum wage of INR 1 Lakh per month at most.

Fitness Trainer-

Fitness Trainer are very “in” as one can say, or can simply say very popular career choice. There are many fitness freaks all over the world who want get back in the shape and stay fit. Fitness trainer just have to deal with instructing, leading or even teaching a fresh trainee on how to work out. The best part about this job is giving training to people of any ages and guiding them to their journey of being healthy as well as fit.


Photography is an amazing career choice especially for a person who is passionate about capturing each and every moment of life. To be a photographer you need to have a good eye as well as patience.  Students can also go to university and earn a degree which is a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography. There are many job opportunities in this field. You can be a wildlife photographer, Travel Photographer, freelancer photographer, wedding photographer or even a photojournalist. The salary is also quite sufficient and good. Photographers can earn up to INR 2 Lakh to 3 Lakh a month. Photography is a humble job as they help people on their most Memorial Day of their life may they be birthday, wedding, baby shower etc.

Child Life specialist-

Child life specialist as the name suggests is a job where you have to work with children. To be a child life specialist you need to have a certificate course to be qualified to work with the kids. Child Life Specialist deal with a child’s emotional and physical nourishment. The support the child and the families with any requirements they need to help in fulfilling. This is one of the most fascinating and precious job a person can have.

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