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7 Ways Career Counselling Helps Class 9th Students

Career counselling can be defined as seeking help from a professional career coach for taking important decisions with respect to one’s career choices for the future. In class 9th and 10th, students are introduced to higher levels of subjects such as math, science and social science. For example, science gets broken down into three subjects namely, physics, chemistry and biology. The transition from class 8th to 9th can be challenging as the burden of the course increases significantly. Very few students are able to cope with the new study pattern and most succumb to scoring low marks in weekly tests and feeling frustrated. In such situations, it is highly advisable to contact a career counsellor. You can also lookup for career counselling on websites such as Careerguide.com. Here are some reasons for taking career counselling once you reach class 9th.

counselling for 9th class

Future Planning

It is beneficial to make future choices beforehand in order to feel focused and motivated. With a clear study path ahead of you, you will know what to study when. A counsellor can help you by making you aware about the various choices that exist. For example, if you are interested in subjects like history, sociology, geography, etc. then the counsellor may suggest that you take up humanities as a stream in class 11th. You can then also think about pursuing an undergraduate degree or a specialization in similar subjects.

Clearing the Chaos

When a student gets promoted to 9th class, there is a lot of chaos as the student gets exposed to a variety of subjects, themes, topics and ideas. Excelling at these requires hard work and focus. In order to score well in all subjects, it is important to have clarity regarding them. A counsellor can help in improving your decision-making skills by telling you about the aspects of various subjects and the careers related to each of those subjects. It will enable you to segregate your perspective about the multiple topics and themes at hand.

career counselling for 9th class

Career Counselling Tests

Websites like Careerguide.com provide a wide range of psychometric tests which can be taken up by the students. These tests are further supported by career counsellors. The tests can help you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses. After taking these tests a class 9th student will have a better idea about the fields he/ she are interested in. It will also make things easier for the counsellor. After knowing your results from the test, the counsellor can guide you in the right manner towards making the appropriate career choices.

Moral Support

Sometimes, your friends and family might go against the decisions that you make. As a young adult, you are not sure yourself whether the choice you make will benefit you in the future or not. In such difficult times, a career counsellor can act as your best friend and provide you with support for all the right reasons. They act as your mentors and hence will ensure that you don’t take any detrimental life decisions. Counsellors can help in easing out the dilemmas you face in 9th class.

Guidance for Parents

Many parents are not aware of the plethora of options available for a child. They might end up forcing the child to do conventional or traditional subjects. A counsellor can also guide and enlighten the parents with respect to the new-age career options which are available for young adults in today’s time. The syllabus keeps changing continuously and it is not the same as what the parents might have studied when they were in 9th grade. This makes it tougher for parents to help the child. It is good to speak to a counsellor for this reason.

career counselling for 9th class

Current Trends

A counsellor’s profession includes remaining updated about the current scenarios about various trends and professions when it comes to different career choices. Students at this stage are generally very confused about career options and this kind of support can help them go a long way. The stress caused due to the problem of not being able to pick the right subjects to focus on can be hard to handle for young minds. Career counselling for class 9th, you can also check the packages available on websites such as Careerguide.com.

Dealing with Anxiety

The amount of work a student starts getting in 9th class can be tough to handle. Students also face hardships while making new friends and getting used to the environment of becoming a senior in school. It can sometimes be hard to meet the expectations of teachers. This can result in sadness and disappointment with oneself which can be harmful. A counsellor can help in dealing with such emotions. Sometimes the students might become anxious and nervous about sharing problems with their peers and parents. A counsellor is a stranger who won’t judge the child for sharing any such issues.

Hence, I would highly recommend you to go through Careerguide.com and find out more about career counselling. If you are in the 8th or 9th class then you should consider speaking to a good career counsellor for taking the best career counselling for the class 9th.

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