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8 career options for an urban planner

An Urban Planner also known as an Urban planning engineer, is a person who plans the cities, plan towns, plan infrastructures, plan parks, plan transportation, planning analyst, urban designer, etc. Urban Planning focuses on the technical and political side of the planning, they plan using the land and the built environment including all the natural resources. Here is article on 8 career options for an urban planner

Studying Urban planning as a career is very different than any other course you will see. This subject is filled with creative and innovative ideas if a student is able to match such expectations than they do great in this degree. In this article, you will get career options in the Urban planner after the 12th class which will help you to make the best of your career.

To Earn a Bachelor’s degree in Urban planning

This degree is an undergraduate degree, the degree duration is 3-4 years. Students with an architectural background are more preferable. You can study in aboard as well to get more exposure and idea. There many job opportunities offered after you complete your degree like-

Urban Planner

As said in the beginning an urban planner is someone who plan, design, create infrastructure, on the given land. Urban Planners are usually dependent on the government orders, and on the given lands, subdivision, development. In urban planning there various types of subdivisions as well: There’s Regional planningStrategic urban planning, Urban Revitalization, etc. Urban planner usually has to study a lot- as in they have to do market research, economic research, and environment-related research to make sure before they put their plan is in motion every other aspect is secure.

Urban Designer

In this field, the person himself or herself designs their thoughts into reality. You get to design any cities or towns, buildings, etc. Urban designers work in such a way that they keep that particular area or spaces essence intact, and work their way around it to create something more beautiful yet something not so different. Urban designers revolve round planning. They have to plan the smallest thing to make sure the execution is perfect. Even though many people think that urban is the same as an architect but that’s not true. This is the best career option in the Urban planner field after the 12th class.

City Planner

As the career title says this job directly includes the planning of cities- they may be small or big cities. A city planner while planning the cities have to make sure that, that particular city gets all the resources needed like- Water supply, electrical supply, proper transportation routes, etc. They have to remain in constant contact with the government. They have worked under a budget that is slightly stressful but pushes you to work hard. You have to consider the population of the city and the age criteria for further planning.

Planning Manager

The job of a planning manager is to make sure that everything works smoothly within as well as on the outside. They have to keep a track of the labors, budget, equipment, and all the paperwork. They have to make sure to have prior access to any sites they want to visit to minimize the waste of time. They sometimes even have to do a public survey to get an insight into how a specific context works for that set of individuals. They have to take in interns or new employees and teach or train them on how to work and supervise them. This is the best career option in the Urban planner field after the 12th class.

Planning Advisor

They have to work alongside with the urban planners and urban designers, they have to guide them or help them when or if they are stuck somewhere. They have to create harmony between all the workers, so they give out small exercises to maintain the flow of work. They give advice regarding policies and make sure they don’t take any illegal turns. They are needed to finalize any particular plans before the execution process starts.

Local Government Officer

To become a local government officer you have to have a certain qualification, the work of a local government officer is to approve or disapprove any projects presented, they have to manage some projects and evaluate them, they have to keep a track of records and contracts, write reports of their performance. This is the best career option in the Urban planner field after the 12th class.

Housing Officer

Their job is to make sure that the public is not disturbed, they have to stay in contact with the tenants and owner to make sure that the rent payments are on time. They have to pay close attention to the tenant’s comfort; they have to interview the tenants maybe even have to do a legal background check if necessary. So, being a housing officer is quite a handful but it also gives you an opportunity to get to know and connect with a lot of people. This is the best career option in the Urban planner field after the 12th class.

Teacher or Professor

You can be a teacher or professor in a university as well, to teach them what you learned or understood in your years of fieldwork if you have experienced then, you can help them out as a responsible professor to our future freshers.

In short, there’s a great career opportunity in the field of Urban planning. You can also pursue a Master’s in this degree if you want to study further.

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