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8 career Scope in Political Science after 12th

In this article, we will discuss some of the career opportunities in the field of political science after class 12th. 8 CAREER SCOPE IN POLITICAL SCIENCE AFTER CLASS 12TH. There is a vast scope for political science students after class 12th and its demand is never-ending. Here is article on 8 career Scope in Political Science after Class 12th

There are various branches under this field and one can go in whichever field he or she likes. Even though the field is not that easy and requires discipline and hard work, the subject holds great value in the life of the students, especially those after class 12th. So, below, we will discuss some of the career scopes in Political Science after class 12th to make students aware of its demand and scope in the outer world.

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The media is considered as a pillar of democracy anywhere in the field. It is considered as the voice of the common people which usually goes unheard by the government. Journalism acts as a bridge, or you can say a medium, between the common people and the government and acts as an agent to pass information from one area to another. It is responsible to make the people aware of the recent happenings and current affairs happening all around the world and tells the people about the rights and policies which are made for them. The major task of the journalist is to make sure that the information sent to the citizens is not misleading and cannot be offensive in tone.

Civil services

The most sought after career option for students who opt for political science as their majors after class 12th is the civil services examination (CSE), also known as Union Public Services Commission (UPSC). CSE is considered to be one of the toughest examinations which are considered as tough for the aspirants. However, the success rate in the first attempt is less than 1%. Civil services include the top class posts under the government posts and are responsible for providing adequate resources and solutions to their problems.


Research is another field which is opted by the students after class 12th who goes for studying political science as their majors. To make new policies and implement them effectively, one needs to have proper knowledge about society. From the roots to the tip, each and every part needs to be observed and analyzed thoroughly in order to avoid the failure of implementation and drastic consequences. Thus, a researcher plays a vital role here in this situation. It provides in-depth knowledge of the communities and the societies to ensure the smooth relationship between the government, policies, and citizens.


Teaching is a well-known field which is highly respected and done under this field. Teaching is another field that can be opted for and has a good future in this course. There is not to describe much about the teaching branch under this field as its main focus is to keep the students updated about the facts and events which caused major changes in the past and had deep impacts all over the world. They abide by a particular curriculum and complete the task of detailing it to step by step to the students


Law is a well-known field that is opted by the students after opting for political science as their majors after class 12th. Law is a 5-6 year degree course which requires a detailed study of the constitution as well as policies and functions implemented and performed respectively by the government. You can go for the field of Lawyer or under the field of Judiciary where you will have to pass entrance examinations like CLAT examination and the PCSJ field.

International Relations

International Relations is a very vast field that is very popular among students of political science. It holds a separate semester of 6 months in the graduation only and has a specialization field in itself under the Masters’s Degree. Those students who are interested in foreign policies, its cultures as well as its relations and treaties with other countries, can go for this field by opting for political science as majors after class 12th.

Social Service

Social Service includes working for the common people, or you can say, citizens, with the feeling of selflessness and utter devotion and dedication. The social service can be under both the roads- for-profit and non-profit categorization. It depends on the students that in which field you find your interest more. Social service ranges from hospitality to the public services and includes vast branches in itself.

Governmental Services

The governmental services are usually taken by those who choose political science as their majors after class 12th. To get government services, you are required to give entrance examinations based on particular fields. You can go for high posts such as IASIPSIRS, PCS, and so on. You can also go for other services through the SSC entrance examination. The main content of the preparation largely includes the political and social content related to society and current affairs.

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